Bulletin 29

Issue 29 - 2003

European parliament

More power for the parliament

Pervenche Bérès MEP
01 April 2003
The Convention on the future of Europe is drawing up a constitution that is supposed to transform the EU. Much of the discussion has focused on the EU's executive: the powers of the Commission, the organisation of the EU presidency and the role of the European Council.
Transatlantic relations

The decline of American power

01 April 2003
Saddam Hussein notwithstanding, most of the world's problems cannot be solved by military force. Their solution requires 'soft power', which can be defined as a country's ability to influence events through persuasion and attraction, rather than military or financial coercion. A country has more soft power if its culture, values...

War: Who is to blame

Pierre Hassner
01 April 2003
The French President has employed scorn and threats to insult sovereign European states, in a style reminiscent of comments made by Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Perle about France and Germany.
28 March 2003
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Charles Grant, Pervenche Bérès MEP, Pierre Hassner