Bulletin 31

Issue 31 - 2003

Eastern neighbourhood

Tough love for the EU's Eastern neighbours

Heather Grabbe and Henning Tewes
01 August 2003
After it embraces ten new members in 2004, the EU will have long borders with Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. Few people in today's EU know or care much about these countries.

The way forward for European defence

Daniel Keohane
01 August 2003
The EU has lost its military virginity. At the request of the UN, the EU sent 1,500 troops to Congo at the beginning of June 2003. The Congo mission is significant for two reasons: it is both the first autonomous EU mission - one that does not rely on NATO's help - and the EU's first military operation outside Europe.

Holidays in hell (and Hanover)

Alasdair Murray
04 August 2003
August used to provide a rare opportunity for Europe's political elite to escape the limelight. For a few weeks, EU leaders could catch up on their reading - or sleep - and spend some quality time with long-suffering families.
25 July 2003
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Heather Grabbe, Henning Tewes, Daniel Keohane, Alasdair Murray