Bulletin 33

Issue 33 - 2003

Is Europe working?

Is Europe working?

Katinka Barysch
01 January 2004
With more than 14 million people out of work, unemployment is the EU's greatest economic problem. However, while EU policy-makers ponder Germany's 4.3 million unemployed, Britain's low labour productivity and Italy's greying workforce, they have missed one of Europe's key labour market challenges: eastward enlargement.
If the EU's labour market statistics...
EU constitution

Should Britain hold a referendum on the EU Constitution?

Steven Everts and Charles Grant
01 January 2004
Dear Charles,
European leaders are busy drawing up a constitution which will set out what tasks the EU should and should not perform; clarify who is responsible for what; and specify how the EU takes decisions. Once governments have agreed a final text, the question becomes: how should each country...

A joined-up EU security policy

Daniel Keohane and Adam Townsend
01 January 2004
EU member-states disagree on whether the EU should have its own military headquarters, or continue to depend on NATO to help run EU operations. This dispute is becoming increasingly theological.
28 November 2003
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Charles Grant, Katinka Barysch, Steven Everts, Daniel Keohane, Adam Townsend