Bulletin issue 63

Issue 63 - 2008

The EU's fleeting chance for global leadership

The EU's fleeting chance for global leadership

01 December 2008
The economic crisis offers unprecedented opportunities for reforming global rules and institutions. Furthermore, the Obama presidency - which Europeans expect to be less unilateralist than that of George W Bush - will give the EU a chance to work with the US in tackling a host of international problems.
Climate change

The EU's climate agenda hangs in the balance

Simon Tilford
01 December 2008
The EU has entered a severe economic downturn. Not only does Europe face the deepest recession since the 1970s, but the recovery when it does arrive will be weak and patchy.
European Commission

How the Irish government might save Lisbon

01 December 2008
The financial crisis is altering political and economic fortunes everywhere. It may have yet another, unlikely, outcome: the ratification of the Lisbon treaty, rejected by Ireland in a referendum last June.
28 November 2008
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Charles Grant, Hugo Brady, Simon Tilford