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Issue 70 - 2010

China and EU flags

How should Europe respond to China's strident rise?

01 February 2010
Until very recently, many western politicians, bankers and business people were broadly optimistic about the rise of China. They assumed that as China became more developed it would become more western.

Why education should be at the heart of EU2020

Philip Whyte
01 February 2010
At their summit in March, EU heads of state and government must decide what should succeed the Lisbon agenda – the ambitious programme of supply-side reforms that was launched in 2000.
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Does the EU need a public prosecutor?

01 February 2010
Viviane Reding, the EU's new justice commissioner, wants to begin her term with a bang by setting up the office of a European public prosecutor (EPP).
29 January 2010
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Charles Grant, Hugo Brady, Philip Whyte