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Issue 82 - 2012

Needed: A growth strategy for Europe file thumbnail

Needed: A growth strategy for Europe

Simon Tilford
26 January 2012
The struggle to address the eurozone crisis means that Europe's unprecedented economic malaise is receiving far too little attention. To the extent that the EU has a growth strategy it relies heavily on the adoption of structural reforms in the crisis-hit eurozone economies. But such reforms alone will not drive...
Why an EU financial transations tax is a red herring file thumbnail

Why an EU financial transactions tax is a red herring

Philip Whyte
26 January 2012
Ever since it was first mooted in the 1970s, a financial transactions tax (FTT) has often been thought of as an interesting idea that cannot work in practice (because it needs to be adopted universally if it is not to be undermined by tax arbitrage). In other words, the difficulty...
The US declares peace in Europe, prematurely file thumbnail

The US declares peace in Europe, prematurely

Tomas Valasek
26 January 2012
The Pentagon's 'strategic guidance', released on January 5th, makes three key changes: it establishes Asia as the focus of US military efforts, with the Middle East a close second. It foresees fewer 'nation-building'
missions such as the one in Afghanistan, and more strikes from afar and from the air, sometimes...
27 January 2012
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Philip Whyte, Simon Tilford, Tomas Valasek