Apple and Microsoft seek exemption from EU Digital Markets Act

Press quote (Arn)
06 September 2023

“Microsoft's arguments may hold some weight,” said Zach Meyers, senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, who said the company could reasonably argue that a platform with a 3% market share is not an "important gateway" for businesses.

 He added that while there may be some concern around Microsoft's vast ecosystem and its aggressive promotion of Bing, the search engine’s low market share illustrates how insurmountable Google's lead is, even with Microsoft throwing everything at it.

However, Meyers said Apple’s argument had left him scratching his head and it was difficult to see how iMessage doesn’t meet the monthly user threshold.

“Unlike with Bing, iMessage plays an important role keeping users within the iOS ecosystem and clearly lawmakers wanted it regulated,” Meyers said. “We've seen Apple play hardball in the UK already, with appeals to slow down investigations and regulation. This now looks like the strategy in the EU.”