Brexit bill: No longer if, but when and how much

Press quote (Politico)
07 August 2017

Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform think-tank, said such a proposal had merit and could allow the Brexit talks to progress to the next phase. “There is a strong feeling among UK and EU officials that the best way to present the Brexit bill is as payments during a transition, in return for market access,” he said. “Three years of paying about £10 billion a year would mean the UK handing over a large part of what the EU wants — not all of it, but enough to create goodwill and probably to get the EU to talk about trade.”...“This presents Boris Johnson and other hard-line ministers with a difficult dilemma: resign and perhaps fatally weaken the government; or accept a substantial budget payment and lose credibility with the Tory right-wingers,” said Grant of the Centre for European Reform.