With the Ukraine invasion, NATO is suddenly vulnerable

Press quote (The New York Times)
24 February 2022

“This changes everything for NATO,’’ said Ian Bond, a former British diplomat who heads foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform. “Russia’s aim is to extinguish Ukraine as a sovereign country in Europe. Now we need to worry about everything, and we need to get serious again.’’

...“We need the Americans,’’ said Mr. Bond. “But we should not drop the idea of European autonomy and more self-reliance.’’ There are doubts in Europe about whether President Biden will run or win again in 2024 and worries that former president Donald J. Trump or a Republican more in tune with his isolationist, America first credo will take office.

“Europe will be very exposed, so it must increase military spending and efficiency, filling real capability needs,” Mr. Bond said. “All this becomes vital now, and not just a bunch of nice ideas.’’