CER podcast: Europe, the US and China: A love-hate triangle?

Sophia Besch, Ian Bond, Leonard Schuette, Yu Jie
14 October 2020

This week's podcast accompanies the launch of the CER policy brief 'Europe, the US and China: A love-hate triangle?', which examines the complex triangular relations between Europe, Beijing and Washington, and considers both what the EU can do to reduce the risks of a China-US conflict, and what it should do to protect its own interests against pressure from both sides.

Leonard Schuette, researcher at the University of Maastricht and former Clara Marina O'Donnell Fellow at the CER speaks to Yu Jie, senior research fellow on China in the Asia-Pacific Programme at Chatham House, as well as fellow co-authors of the paper Sophia Besch, senior research fellow at the CER and Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the CER.

Music by Edward Hipkins.