CER/KAS Project: Plotting a course together: UK-EU co-operation in times of uncertainty

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The UK and its European partners face a sharply deteriorating security environment. Ukraine’s offensive operations have made limited progress against deeply entrenched Russian forces and Vladimir Putin remains determined to subdue Kyiv. European countries have not done enough to increase their military production, while Russia has placed its economy on a partial war footing. If Western countries do not provide Ukraine with sufficient support over the coming year, Russia could gain the upper hand and ultimately succeed, with grave consequences for European security. Meanwhile, the prospect of second Donald Trump victory in the US Presidential election at the end of the year hovers in the background.

The sheer gravity of the security challenges on the horizon makes it imperative for the UK and its European partners to work more closely together, co-ordinating their positions and aligning their policies, especially towards their common neighbourhood.

First, the project will assess co-operation between the UK and its European partners in relation to Russia's war on Ukraine, within the broader context of Ukraine’s planned accession to the EU and to NATO.

Second, the project will assess how the UK and its European partners, particularly Germany, are thinking about and preparing for the prospect of a second Trump presidency.

Third, the project will assess co-operation between the UK and Germany on security in the Nordic-Baltic region.