Bulletin issue 69

Issue 69 - 2009

An open letter to David Cameron file thumbnail

An open letter to David Cameron

01 December 2009
Dear David,The day after the Czech Republic became the last country to ratify the Lisbon treaty, you abandoned your pledge to hold a referendum on it and you unveiled a new EU strategy that is skilfully balanced.
Sharing the burden of a weaker dollar file thumbnail

Sharing the burden of a weaker dollar

01 December 2009
The eurozone has suffered a deep recession – bigger than the US and about as bad as that in the UK. Public finances across the eurozone have worsened dramatically, and in some cases now look perilous.
Ukraine and the EU

Ukraine and the EU: A vicious circle?

Tomas Valasek
01 December 2009
There is no rule for how a government desiring to join the EU should make its case. But countries that managed to accede in recent years had done so by observing a few simple guidelines: cultivate friends among EU governments, be prepared to make painful sacrifices and, above all, show...
27 November 2009
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