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Issue 73 - 2010


The US-China 'reset': An opportunity for the EU

02 August 2010
Europe faces few bigger questions than how to handle China. Recent shifts in the Washington-Beijing relationship, together with changes in the EU itself, give the Europeans a chance to rethink their own relations with China.
In 2008 and 2009 China's foreign policy became more assertive. Deng Xiaoping's advice to his fellow...
Wind turbines

The EU must support clean energy, not dirty coal

Stephen Tindale
02 August 2010
The EU aspires to be a world leader in reducing carbon emissions. It seeks to develop renewable sources of energy and new ways of making coal and gas cleaner.

A childish take on the eurozone crisis

Philip Whyte
02 August 2010
In the 1970's, a group of young professionals in Washington formed a baby-sitting co-operative. The way it worked was simple. Couples who wanted an evening out could call on other parents to look after their children.
30 July 2010
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Charles Grant, Philip Whyte, Stephen Tindale