Ask CER - Episode 7: Emergency EU energy measures, UK divergence from EU rules and power shifts in Europe

Elisabetta Cornago, Zach Meyers, Camino Mortera-Martinez, Rosie Giorgi
21 October 2022

In this week's Centre for European Reform podcast, CER media co-ordinator Rosie Giorgi puts our listeners' questions to senior research fellows, Elisabetta Cornago and Zach Meyers, and head of our Brussels office, Camino Mortera-Martínez. They discuss how EU policy-makers are responding to the energy crisis, why the UK should tread carefully in burning the EU rulebook, and who the most powerful European leader is right now.

Direct links:
[01:30] Energy crisis measures: what are the measures agreed upon so far?
[08:58] What were this week's new emergency proposals on natural gas?
[12:59] Does the UK have a strategy for divergence from EU financial services regulation?
[18:53] How will the EU tackle online abuse
[23:50] Which European leader is making the biggest mark on the EU's economic and political development?

Music by Edward Hipkins.