Camino Mortera-Martinez

Camino Mortera-Martinez

Senior research fellow (Based in Brussels)
Areas of expertise 

Free movement of persons, counter-terrorism policies, criminal law, police and judicial co-operation, migration policies, JHA's institutional structure, civil law and international private law.


CER podcast: Europe after Bremain - an agenda for the UK

17 June 2016
Sophia Besch talks to John Springford, Camino Mortera-Martinez and Ian Bond on what role the UK could play in the EU following a vote to stay in on June 23rd.
Cómo salvar Schengen

Cómo salvar Schengen

El Pais
04 June 2016
La EU ha perdido el control de sus fronteras. Schengen, el acuerdo que abolió los controles fronterizos en 26 países europeos, está a punto de derrumbarse.

CER podcast: EU capitals weigh in on the Brexit debate

02 June 2016
Sophia Besch chats to her peers about how their home country's capitals view the Brexit debate in the UK.

CER podcast: Five questions on the implications of a Brexit for EU Justice and Home Affairs policies

18 May 2016
In the third episode of a series of podcasts on the implications of a Brexit for the EU, Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) research fellow Camino Mortera-Martinez explains the consequences of a Brexit for EU JHA policies.
The collapse of Schengen would have only two winners: Terrorists and populist parties

The collapse of Schengen would have only two winners: Terrorists and populist parties

The Telegraph
05 May 2016
Unprecedented numbers of asylum seekers making their way into Europe have led some member states to close their borders.

The reckless return of migrants to Turkey is a dangerous time for Europe

The Independent
05 April 2016
Ankara has not managed to shut down migration flows in the past, and there is nothing to prevent the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, asking for more concessions.

CER podcast: Emergency EU Turkey summit

09 March 2016
Sophia Besch talks to the CER's JHA expert Camino Mortera-Martinez about the details of this week's migration summit deal and broader implications for the sustainability of Schengen.

Taking security seriously in the age of global terror

The Wall Street Journal
22 December 2015
As terrorists slip across borders and hide on the Internet, Europe and America must learn to share intelligence better.

The European walled-garden: What's the root cause? what's the solution?

Open democracy
14 September 2015
The EU expanded eastwards during the 90s and 00s did just the kind of thing we wanted: it was a force for openness that was making concrete policy to weaken the grip of the exlcuisve nation-stage.

As the migrant crisis intensifies, is this the beginning of the end of Europe's Schengen area?

City A.M
04 September 2015
Alan Mendoza, executive director of the Henry Jackson Society, says Yes and Camino Mortera, a research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, says No