Camino Mortera-Martinez

Camino Mortera-Martinez

Head of the Brussels office
Areas of expertise 

EU law, EU politics and institutions and EU justice and home affairs.


Taking security seriously in the age of global terror

The Wall Street Journal
22 December 2015
As terrorists slip across borders and hide on the Internet, Europe and America must learn to share intelligence better.

The European walled-garden: What's the root cause? what's the solution?

Open democracy
14 September 2015
The EU expanded eastwards during the 90s and 00s did just the kind of thing we wanted: it was a force for openness that was making concrete policy to weaken the grip of the exlcuisve nation-stage.

As the migrant crisis intensifies, is this the beginning of the end of Europe's Schengen area?

City A.M
04 September 2015
Alan Mendoza, executive director of the Henry Jackson Society, says Yes and Camino Mortera, a research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, says No

The Calais crisis: Discussion with Mark Reckless and Emily Maitlis

05 August 2015
Camino Mortera-Martinez discusses the Calais crisis with Mark Reckless and Emily Maitlis.
Watch the debate here (17:40).

Storming the castle: Calais, or the failure of the EU’s migration policies

City A.M.
03 August 2015
The ongoing crisis in Calais is a sad reminder that the EU is still far from finding a solution to its migration problems. It also shows how deep national divides have become in Europe. France blames Italy and Greece for failing to process asylum seekers arriving on its shores, opening the doors for them to travel elsewhere.

France Culture: Bruxelles, et après ?

14 June 2015
Interview de Camino Mortera-Martinez, chercheuse au Centre for European Reform, un think tank londonien. 
Le 14 juin 1985, les accords de Schengen étaient signés par les cinq Etat membres de la Communauté économique européenne d'alors. Ils sont entrés en vigueur en 1995 et 26 Etats dont 22 membres de l'Union européenne...

Ni efecto llamada ni política común

El Pais
20 April 2015
El rifirrafe entre los países del norte y sur de Europa ha llevado a un operativo en alta mar restringido que explica el aumento de muertes.

Voting on Brexit: The EU issues shaping the UK election

11 March 2015
In the upcoming election campaign, the debate over the EU will be dominated by the question of an in/out referendum and the issue of immigration. EurActiv asked UK-based think tanks to analyse the policy implications of the European positions held by the main political parties.