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Charles Grant

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Britain's EU referendum, the 'future of Europe' debate, the euro, Russia, European foreign and defence policy and China's relations with the West.


Batı Türkiye’ye çok yumuşak

11 June 2012
Interview with Charles Grant in Turkish on 'Turkey should focus on working more closely with the EU in specific areas, rather than the accession process.' Please see attachment.

Is Britain on the way out of Europe?

Social Europe Journal
20 April 2012
Ever since they joined the EU in 1973, the British have been sceptical about political integration in Europe. They have valued the economic benefits of membership, notably the single market, but opposed the concept of ‘political union’. The eurozone crisis is now increasing the gap between Britain and much of...

Multilateralism à la Carte

The International Herald Tribune
16 April 2012
Many problems cannot be solved without international co-operation, yet "multilateralism" — the system of international institutions and rules intended to promote the common good — appears to be weakening.

Will Putin delete the reset?

The International Herald Tribune
04 April 2012
In February 2009, Vice President Joe Biden called for the reset button to be pressed in the U.S.-Russia relationship, and for the next three years Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitri Medvedev fostered a rapprochement between Washington and Moscow.

How to wake Britain from sleepwalking to the EU exit

Europe's world
07 March 2012
History, geography and economics are all responsible for the UK’s deep-seated euroscepticism, says Charles Grant. But now these forces are strengthening so that Britain could easily leave the Union within 10 years. He sets out tactics for countering that.

Nothing to celebrate

Foreign Policy
04 January 2012
Think 2011 was a bad year for Europe? 2012 could be a whole lot worse - if EU leaders don't get serious and deal with these 6 problems.

Welcome to the new year. In Europe, it doesn't look particularly promising. Even in the most optimistic scenarios for the...

Making EU allies

The Times
20 December 2011
The Government should seek to protect the City, but went about it the wrong way at the Brussels summit.Sir, Camilla Cavendish's article on the City and the EU (“France defends farmers: we must save the City”, Dec 15) contains much common sense.

EU foreign policy must not become a casualty of the euro crisis

EU Observer
16 December 2011
Dear EU leaders,

We are seriously concerned about the impact that the current eurozone debt crisis is having on the external relations of the Union.
The first casualty is the time available for foreign policy. We recognise and support your efforts to overcome the current crisis but it is...

Ma l’Europa di Merkozy è già vecchia

08 December 2011
«In questo momento mi pare si possa adattare ai leader europei quello che Churchill usava dire a proposito degli americani: si può sempre essere sicuri che facciano la cosa giusta, una volta che abbiano esaurito tutte le altre possibilità». Charles Grant, direttore del Centre for European Reform di Londra, è...

Interview: Les Britanniques ont le sentiment que l’Union européenne essaie de faire du tort à la City

Le Figaro
26 October 2011
Le Figaro - David Cameron a essuyé sa plus grande rebellion dans son propre camp au Parlement. Peut-on parler d’un vent d’euroscepticisme chez les politiques?
Charles Grant – Oui, il y a une vague croissante d’euroscepticisme. Mais la nouveauté, c’est toute cette classe de députés, récemment élus, qui se proclament...