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Britain's EU referendum, the 'future of Europe' debate, the euro, Russia, European foreign and defence policy and China's relations with the West.


Eurozone 'outs' must stick up for the single market

Financial Times
12 October 2011
One of the European Union’s greatest achievements has been to scrap non-tariff barriers to trade in goods and services. But the “single market” remains incomplete and faces new threats. The European commissioner responsible for it is blocking further liberalisation of services – even though the Commission as a whole is...

Resuscitating the euro

The National Interest
07 October 2011
For almost two years, the eurozone has been stricken with a potentially fatal malaise. Three crises have intermingled and reinforced each other: Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain face crises of excessive debt (public and private); those same countries suffer from anemic economic growth; and much of the European Union is afflicted with a banking crisis.

It doesn’t matter who is president of Russia

Financial Times
02 August 2011
In Moscow, the speculation about Russia’s next president is becoming tedious. Dmitry Medvedev has made it clear he would like to run again, but most people think Vladimir Putin, prime minister, will be the official candidate and win March’s election.
But does it matter whether President Medvedev continues, Mr Putin returns...

European leaders must step up their game

Financial Times
11 July 2011
George Soros is right that Germany's new approach to Europe bears some responsibility for the eurozone crisis. Germany's leaders are finding it hard to consider broader European rather than immediate national interests.

A smaller eurozone would be stronger

The Times
20 June 2011
A single European currency has the merit of encouraging trade and investment across frontiers, and thus growth. But countries with inflexible, badly-run economies should never have been allowed to join the euro. The sooner the eurozone shrinks, the sooner it will stabilise.
A country such as Greece with large budget and...

The price of German leadership

Financial Times
17 November 2010
The euro, the European Union’s boldest and most ambitious project, is under threat. Divisions among Europe’s leaders, and their inability to stabilise the euro, have damaged the EU’s reputation on other continents. The good news is that the EU now has an emerging leader.

The strategic consequences of the euro crisis

Europe's world
01 September 2010
The euro crisis will be with us for many years. The underlying causes, such as southern Europe's lack of competitiveness, cannot be remedied overnight; Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain face years of low growth, severe curbs on public spending and perhaps social unrest.

Tory Euroscepticism is being sidelined

The Guardian
14 May 2010
For those of us who hope Britain will engage constructively with the EU, the formation of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition is good news.

Greece rescue is just a sticking plaster

The Guardian
30 March 2010
For several years it has been evident that any momentum the European Union had for further integration has been dwindling. For instance, despite the entry into force of the Lisbon treaty, the EU shows few signs of developing more united and effective foreign policies.

Israel's dark view of the world

The Guardian
13 November 2009
The official explained to Bibi Netanyahu that if there was a peace settlement, extra investment would push Israel's longterm growth rate from 5% a year to 7%. The Israeli prime minister responded that if the country had 5% growth, it did not need peace.
Netanyahu was joking, according to the official...