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Charles Grant

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Britain's EU referendum, the 'future of Europe' debate, the euro, Russia, European foreign and defence policy and China's relations with the West.


Thatcher's legacy to Europe

World Economic Forum ForumBlog
12 April 2013
Margaret Thatcher became a totem for Britain's eurosceptics. And it is true that in her final years in office – and even more after she left it – she became virulently eurosceptic.

Is David Cameron Margaret Thatcher’s heir on Europe?

Carnegie Europe
09 April 2013
Not at all. David Cameron sees the EU very differently to Margaret Thatcher. For a start, when Thatcher was prime minister she was strongly opposed to referendums on the EU.

Stifling progress in Russia and China

The New York Times
24 December 2012
Russia and China seem very different sorts of countries. One is a pseudo-democracy with an economy dependent on natural-resource exports; the other is a one-party state and the world’s manufacturing superpower. But both suffer from unbalanced economies — and powerful vested interests that are trying to block the reforms that...

Meerderheid Britten wil uit de EU

21 November 2012
Aan de vooravond van alweer een belangrijke Europese topbijeenkomst is Charles Grant in Brussel. De directeur van het Britse Centre for European Reform heeft het bijzonder druk dezer dagen.

Charles Grant discusses President Hollande and France

17 November 2012
Charles Grant discusses his recent insight article 'Hollande, the Germans and 'political union'.  ...Before becoming French president, Franҫois Hollande did not appear to take much interest in the EU. However, in his youth he was a protégé of Jacques Delors, the French left’s great European, and his instincts seem...

A three-tier EU puts single market at risk

Financial Times
25 October 2012
The euro crisis is changing the shape of the EU. As the countries in the eurozone seek to strengthen it by centralising economic policy making, three tiers are emerging within the union.

Hollande, los Alemanes y la union politica

Foreign Policy - En espanol
16 October 2012
Antes de convertirse en presidente de Francia, François Hollande no parecía estar muy interesado en la UE. Sin embargo, en su juventud fue un protegido de Jacques Delors, el gran europeo de la izquierda francesa, y su instinto es, en términos generales, europeísta. La llegada de Hollande al Elíseo no...

Après Merkozy

The International Herald Tribune
03 October 2012
Before becoming president of France, François Hollande did not appear to take much interest in the European Union.

Only a Franco-German bargain can save the euro

The Guardian
25 June 2012
Merkel and Hollande don't trust each other, but they must find a way of working together – and the markets may not wait long.