Charles Grant

Charles Grant

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Britain's EU referendum, the 'future of Europe' debate, the euro, Russia, European foreign and defence policy and China's relations with the West.

Ten reflections on Jacques Delors

Ten reflections on Jacques Delors

04 January 2024
Jacques Delors’ impact on history, especially during the ten years that he headed the European Commission, was immense.
A European strategy for Labour

A European strategy for Labour

27 September 2023
Keir Starmer will find it hard to improve the Tory Brexit deal – which most EU leaders like. But if he is willing to offer something in return, they may give him a better deal.

25 years on ...

30 May 2023
This 150th edition of the bulletin appears 25 years after the first. It prompts me to recall the birth of the CER in 1998.  

A British strategy for Europe?

03 April 2023
After nearly seven years of acrimony, the UK and the EU are talking sweetly to each other. The Ukraine war reminded them how much they have in common. 
Does the Windsor deal herald warmer ties between Britain and the EU?

Does the Windsor deal herald warmer ties between Britain and the EU?

01 March 2023
The Windsor deal on the Northern Ireland protocol may herald warmer UK-EU ties. It has strengthened von der Leyen and Sunak. But the Retained EU Law bill promises trouble.

Can Truss reset relations with the EU?

29 September 2022
Britain’s new prime minister has the chance to rebuild bridges to the European Union. But it is unclear whether she will seize the opportunity.  
Macron is serious about the 'European Political Community'

Macron is serious about the 'European Political Community'

01 August 2022
French President Emmanuel Macron is committed to creating a ‘European Political Community’, distinct from the EU. European states not in the EU – including the UK – should take the concept seriously.
A very French Europe?

A very French Europe?

26 April 2022
Emmanuel Macron’s decisive victory in the presidential election will reinforce France’s pre-eminent position in the EU. But Macron won’t have everything his own way: some Central and Eastern European member-states will oppose French policies, the British will remain a headache and the Germans may thwart some French ideas.

Can the West stay united on Ukraine – and what will China do?

30 March 2022
The longer the war in Ukraine continues, the greater the risk that Western unity will fracture. Meanwhile the choices that China makes will determine the future shape of geopolitics.

As Frost departs, will the ice melt across the Channel?

20 December 2021
David Frost’s resignation as Brexit minister matters: he greatly influenced Boris Johnson’s Brexit policy. With Liz Truss replacing him, UK policy towards the EU may become less confrontational.