John Springford

John Springford

Deputy director
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Britain and Europe, migration and labour markets, the single market and supply side reform, international trade, the euro, fiscal and monetary policy.


Populismo: ¿cultura o economía?

10 November 2017
¿Son los factores económicos los culpables del ascenso del populismo o se trata de una reacción cultural? La respuesta es una mezcla de ambos.

CER podcasts: Relaunching the EU

08 November 2017
The CER has launched a major new report ‘Relaunching the EU’. In this podcast mini-series, CER researchers explain some of the reports main recommendations.

Marketplace: Brexit: Let's call the whole thing off?

02 November 2017
Is Britain having second thoughts about Brexit? And if it fails to secure a satisfactory exit deal, could it call the whole thing off? “I think it’s possible but unlikely,” said John Springford of the pro-Europe Centre for European Reform. “If we were going to reverse Brexit without a huge backlash, there would have to be quite a significant shift in public opinion. But we’ve had lots and lots of opinion polls, and they all produce a similar result as last year’s referendum: about fifty-fifty,” Springford said.

BBC News at six: Theresa May visits Brussels

16 October 2017
John Springford speaks to BBC News about the Brexit negotiations (from 10.30 mins).

Channel 4 News: The Brexit bill

21 September 2017
John Springford director of research at the Centre for European Reform speaks to Channel 4 News about the Brexit bill in advance of Theresa May's speech in Florence  (from 21:10 mins).

BBC Newsnight: EU citizens rights

21 September 2017
John Springford, director of research at the Centre for European Reform speaks to BBC Newsnight about EU citizens rights in light of Brexit (from 7:10 mins)

Ekspert: okres przejściowy sprzyja miękkiemu Brexitowi

Onet Biznes [Poland]
15 August 2017
Zawarcie w planach brytyjskiego rządu okresu przejściowego, w którym zachowane byłyby obecne przepisy dotyczące ceł, wskazuje na sukces zwolenników tzw. miękkiego Brexitu - ocenił w rozmowie z PAP John Springford z CER.
Philip Hammond and Liam Fox's Brexit transition plan is a pipe dream

Philip Hammond and Liam Fox's Brexit transition plan is a pipe dream

The Guardian
14 August 2017
The deal sketched out by the international trade secretary and the chancellor is one the EU could never agree to. Why did they go public with it?

The 10 Brexit compromises Theresa May won't talk about

The Guardian
19 June 2017
Neither Theresa May nor Jeremy Corbyn said much about the substance of the Brexit negotiations during the election campaign.

PBS Newshour: John Springford

09 June 2017
John Springford, director of research at the CER, talks to PBS Newshour about the UK election result and what this means for Brexit negotiations with the EU.