John Springford

John Springford

Deputy director
Areas of expertise 

Britain and Europe, migration and labour markets, the single market and supply side reform, international trade, the euro, fiscal and monetary policy.


Bloomberg: How to trade the pound as Brexit talks near endgame

08 November 2018
Centre for European Reform Deputy Director John Springford and BlackRock Global Chief Investment Strategist Richard Turnill discuss the outlook for Brexit negotiations and the pound on "Bloomberg Surveillance."

CER podcast: The cost of Brexit to June 2018

24 October 2018
The UK economy is 2.5 per cent smaller as a result of the vote to leave the EU. John Springford talks to Beth Oppenheim about his latest analysis, how he has refined his modelling method and the implications of the findings. 

Regime Change? The European Economy to 2030

Brink News
17 October 2018
After a decade of putting out the fires of the Great Recession of 2008-09, the euro crisis of 2010-12, and the migration crisis, which blew up in 2015, now is the right time to ask: What regime does the European economy need by 2030?

CER Bulletin podcast: Singapore-on-Thames; the Western Balkans; Italy

28 September 2018
In the CER Bulletin podcast, CER researchers brief podcast listeners on three of the most important topics for Europe this month. 

Vice News: Theresa May heads to France as Brexit talks go south

09 August 2018
“Michel Barnier has had a very tough line and he's taking his directions from France and Germany, and Theresa May's plan is to try and undercut the European Commission,” says John Springford, a Brexit expert at the Centre of European Reform.

CER podcast: What is the cost of Brexit?

01 August 2018
The UK economy is around 2 per cent smaller as a result of the vote to leave the EU. John Springford speaks to Sophia Besch about his analysis, his modelling method and the implications of the result.

The Spectator Podcast: Is the Brexit drama just beginning?

12 July 2018
Is Brexit going in circles? With the resignations of David Davis and Boris Johnson – and widespread unhappiness at the Prime Minister’s Chequers plan – it is hard to pretend that things are going well. But is the drama only just getting started?

Aljazeera: EU reform, migration and the economy

30 June 2018
John Springford, the deputy director of the Centre for European Reform, says "bringing in more people definitely helps" EU countries economically.

BBC The Real Story: Can the EU Survive?

29 June 2018
John Springford, deputy director of the Centre for European Reform along with Claire jones, Paul Mason and Josef Janning discuss the future of the EU on the BBC's Real Story.

The UK and Europe: What's the cost of Brexit so far?

26 June 2018
Any reasonable observer will acknowledge that the Brexit vote has curbed economic growth.