Megan Ferrando

Megan Ferrando

Clara Marina O'Donnell fellow
Areas of expertise 

Climate security and EU security and defence policy.


Boiling dry: How the EU can help prevent instability in the water-scarce Maghreb

20 April 2022
Water scarcity is increasingly threatening the security of societies and environment in the Maghreb. The EU should step up its work on water to prevent conflicts in the region.

Transatlantic turmoil is not over

24 January 2022
The US might be ‘back’, but sources of friction with Europe persist. And in 2022, Europeans should expect an inward-looking America as Biden focuses on domestic issues prior to the mid-term elections.

Is the European Peace Facility really about peace?

17 December 2021
The European Peace Facility (EPF) is a new pot of money intended to make the EU a stronger military actor in crises. But the ability to spend more will not in itself make the Union better able to resolve conflicts.