Bulletin issue 140 - October/November 2021

Transatlantic relations after Afghanistan and AUKUS

30 September 2021
America’s relations with its European allies have survived worse crises than the row over whose submarines Australia will buy, or even the Afghanistan debacle. The US should not be complacent, however.

‘Europe after September 11th’ revisited

30 September 2021
The attacks of 9/11 brought the major powers together. But that unity did not endure, and the world now risks division between the West and the authoritarian powers. 

What Europe expects of post-Merkel Germany

Christian Odendahl
30 September 2021
Europe expects Germany’s likely new Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, to keep Europe united while adding more strategic vision to fight climate change, transform the European economy and navigate global politics.
30 September 2021
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Charles Grant, Ian Bond, Christian Odendahl