Charles Grant

Charles Grant

Areas of expertise 

Britain's EU referendum, the 'future of Europe' debate, the euro, Russia, European foreign and defence policy and China's relations with the West.


CER event podcast: CER/KAS Conference on 'Plugging in the British: Completing the circuit'

11 July 2018
Three panels of experts gathered at the CER/KAS conference, ‘Plugging in the British: Completing the Circuit’ at the Royal United Services Institute.

Europe's response to May's plan could cost her more ministers

The Guardian
10 July 2018
The EU’s initial reaction to the Chequers plan is polite, but negative. The prime minister will have to make further concessions before it is accepted.

After May's deal, many people will ask, does Brexit have any point?

The Observer
07 July 2018
Three experts, Vernon Bogdanor, Charles Grant and Claire Fox give their verdict on the compromise agreed by the prime minister and her cabinet.

CER podcast: Is Macron becoming isolated in Europe?

20 June 2018
Sophia Besch asks Charles Grant about Macron's progress on his reform agenda so far.

Single market in goods will come at a price for Brexit Britain

Financial Times
20 June 2018
Many of the recent arguments over Brexit have concerned customs arrangements. But another thorny issue is creating discord both inside the British government and between the UK and the EU: should the UK remain in the single market for goods trade?

ORF TV THEK: Doing business with the UK post-Brexit

24 April 2018
Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform speaks to OFR TV THEK (from 02.25 mins) about his expectations for a Brexit deal and the impact Britain’s withdrawal from the EU will have on Austrian and other European companies doing business with the UK.

Ireland's border is a problem it can't afford to leave unsolved

The Guardian
20 March 2018
The border issue could still wreck Brexit talks. But no-deal would damage Ireland almost as much as it would Britain.

CER reaction to Prime Minister Theresa May's 'Road to Brexit' speech

02 March 2018
"Theresa May’s speech was serious. It was good that she recognised that the UK faces trade-offs and will lose some access to the single market."

BBC Newsnight: EU-27 deals

02 March 2018
Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform told Mark Urban that although quite a few EU countries want a broader deal than the Commission, France and Germany, they lack a leader (from 17.18 mins).

Theresa May's moment to soften her Brexit stance

The Financial Times
23 February 2018
Twenty months after the Brexit referendum, the British government is inching towards working out what to ask for in its future relationship with the EU.