Charles Grant

Charles Grant

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Britain's EU referendum, the 'future of Europe' debate, the euro, Russia, European foreign and defence policy and China's relations with the West.


The Spectator Podcast: The two elections that will shape 2019

05 January 2019
As we move into 2019, two big elections could shake up the rest of the year. In May, the European elections could see an unprecedented eurosceptic populist surge. ...We are joined by Charles Grant, the director of the Centre for European Reform, who says that, in response, the pan-European moderates will become more cohesive:

Polskie Radio: Przedwigilijne spojrzenie na mijający rok

22 December 2018
Wielka Brytania chwieje się pod naporem Brexitu, który sama sobie zgotowała. O przyczynach wyjścia Wielkiej Brytanii z Unii Europejskiej i jego już odczuwalnych i dopiero mających nadejść konsekwencjach Dariusz Rosiak rozmawiał z Charlesem Grantem z Centre for Europe Research w Londynie.

CER podcast: CER researchers review the year 2018

12 December 2018
Charles Grant, John Springford and Ian Bond review the political themes and events that shaped 2018, and take a look at some of the predictions they made last year.  

CER podcast: A guide to the withdrawal agreement

21 November 2018
Beth Oppenheim asks John Springford what is in the 585 page withdrawal agreement, and Charles Grant outlines what might happen next: will Theresa May and her withdrawal plan survive?

RTÉ Radio 1: What happens next in the Brexit process?

15 November 2018
Charles Grant from the Centre for European Reform in London and Brigid Laffan from the European Institute at Florence University discuss the latest on Brexit.

Sky News: Cabinet will meet today to consider draft agreement text reached with EU

14 November 2018
Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform spoke to Sky News at 07.30 this morning about the chances of Theresa May getting full support for the draft agreement.

The Spectator Podcast: Theresa May's Brexit deal is hard to stomach

08 November 2018
As Theresa May prepares to unveil her Brexit deal, we ask: just how bad is it, and what happened to ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’. In the American midterms, the Blue Wave didn’t happen, but Democrats did take control of the House of Representatives – what next for Trump’s presidency. And last, as we approach Remembrance Sunday, who are the lives we are remembering, and is it time to move on. With James Forsyth, Charles Grant, Kate Andrews, Leslie Vinjamuri, Liz Hunt, and Glyn Prysor.

Merkel is going but Germany won’t shift its stance on Brexit

The Guardian
30 October 2018
The departure of Angela Merkel from the leadership of her party will make little difference to the Brexit negotiations.

Een Vandaag: Waarom blijven zoveel Britten de brexit steunen

13 October 2018
Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, speaks to Een Vandaag about why so many Brits continue to support Brexit.

The Guardian - Politics Weekly podcast: The Irish border, SNP conference and emotions in politics

11 October 2018
Heather Stewart is joined by Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, Katy Hayward and Lisa O’Carroll to discuss one of the toughest issues yet to be resolved in the Brexit negotiations: the Irish border.