Christian Odendahl

Christian Odendahl

Chief economist (Based in Berlin)
Areas of expertise 

Eurozone, ECB, Germany, fiscal and monetary policy, structural reforms, political economy of economic integration, international trade, financial regulation.

CNBC: What could the next German government look like?

CNBC: What could the next German government look like?

20 September 2017
Christian Odendahl, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform, discusses the formation of the next German coalition with CNBC live from Berlin.

LSE public lecture: A changing Germany in a changing Europe? The German elections and implications for Europe

14 September 2017
Christian Odendahl, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform joined the LSE to disuss the forthcoming elections in Germany have important implications for Germany, for Europe and international politics.

Germany after the Hartz reforms

Foreign Affairs
11 September 2017
The odds were always stacked against Martin Schulz, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) challenger to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the forthcoming election.

Why Berlin won't come to UK's rescue on Brexit

08 September 2017
With the German election around the corner, the United Kingdom appears to be holding out hope that a fourth term for Chancellor Angela Merkel and a potentially more pro-business coalition partner could come to its rescue in divorce talks in Brussels.

Die SPD hätte mehr Sozialdemokratie wagen müssen

04 September 2017
Spätestens nach dem TV-Duell dürfte klar sein, dass die Sozialdemokraten die Bundestagswahl verlieren werden.

France Culture: Flexisécurité, Loi Hartz, Jobs Act : l’Europe à la recherche d’un modèle

04 September 2017
Christian Odendahl speaks to radio France Culture about the German Hartz reforms (in French, from 40.00 mins).

If the German left want to succeed, it must offer more than Merkel's status quo

The Guardian
18 August 2017
The German elections on 24th September are bound to be boring. Polls show Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) leading the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) by 15 percentage points.

Der Schlüssel für Macrons Erfolg liegt auch bei der EZB

08 June 2017
Die heutige EZB-Sitzung hat gezeigt, dass die Zentralbank offenbar gewillt ist, dem politischen Druck zu widerstehen und ihre aggressive Geldpolitik beizubehalten. Das ist die richtige Entscheidung – und insbesondere für Emmanuel Macron enorm wichtig. Denn aus Deutschland wird Frankreichs Präsident wohl nur sehr bedingt die Unterstützung erhalten, die er für eine erfolgreiche Amtszeit braucht.

BBC Newsnight: Brexit and Article 50 - The view from Germany

30 March 2017
What do people in Germany think about the triggering of Article 50 - and the UK's decision to leave the EU? Diplomatic editor Mark Urban interviews Christian Odendahl (02:38). 

Why Berlin won't give Theresa May an easy ride over Brexit

The Observer
19 March 2017
Germany's British exports are far less important to it than loyalty to the European project.