Christian Odendahl

Christian Odendahl

Chief economist (Based in Berlin)
Areas of expertise 

Eurozone, ECB, Germany, fiscal and monetary policy, structural reforms, political economy of economic integration, international trade, financial regulation.


Keine Angst vor dem Gespenst Minderheitsregierung!

Die Welt
21 November 2017
Seit die FDP die Verhandlungen über Jamaika platzen ließ, geht in Deutschland ein Gespenst um: das Gespenst der Minderheitsregierung.

'Putting politics above prosperity' – wait, isn't that what the Brexiteers are doing?

The Guardian
17 November 2017
David Davis's ill-advised remark to an audience of German businessmen reveals an alarming ignorance about the way in which the EU is conducting negotiations.

CER podcasts: Relaunching the EU

08 November 2017
The CER has launched a major new report ‘Relaunching the EU’. In this podcast mini-series, CER researchers explain some of the reports main recommendations.

Debate: Will the euro survive as a currency long term?

City A.M.
23 October 2017
Christian Odendahl, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform, says YES.

Piqd: Armes Deutschland – 15 Jahre Hartz IV

13 October 2017
Christian Odendahl ist Chefökonom des Londoner Centre for European Reform (CER) und als solcher schreibt und denkt er zu europäischen Wirtschaftsfragen: Eurokrise, Banken, Wachstum, Handel, politische Ökonomie. In seinem Policy Brief “The Hartz Myth: A closer look at Germany’s labour market reforms” hat er untersucht, was die ökonomischen Umstände der Reformen waren.

Marketplace: Will Merkel go along with Macron's EU reform plan?

09 October 2017
Christian Odendahl of the Centre for European Reform in Berlin said the new coalition government will tread carefully and try not to upset the new French president.

Judy Asks: What next for Europe after the German election?

Carnegie Europe
26 September 2017
Experts from Europe and across the globe weigh in on the range of domestic, European, and foreign policy priorities facing German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the new coalition government in Berlin.

Sky News: Merkel admits 'challenge' of AfD winning seats in parliament

25 September 2017
Christian Odendahl speaks to Sky News on the results of the German electioins (from 02.50 mins)

China Business Network (CBN): German elections

25 September 2017
Christian Odendahl speaks to China Business Network about the German elections.

CER podcast: Briefing on the German election

21 September 2017
Christian Odendahl and Sophia Besch discuss who is likely to win on Sunday, what the German election will mean for Europe, and what it will mean for Brexit negotiations.