Christian Odendahl

Christian Odendahl

Chief economist (Based in Berlin)
Areas of expertise 

Eurozone, ECB, Germany, fiscal and monetary policy, structural reforms, political economy of economic integration, international trade, financial regulation.


Can the euro rival the dollar?

04 December 2018
The international role of the US dollar is deeply entrenched. To change that, Europe – and Germany in particular – would need to rethink some core economic policies.

The good European? Why Germany's policy ambitions must match its power

22 February 2018
The next German government should overcome 'small nation' thinking: Berlin needs to acknowledge that its domestic economic policy has consequences for its neighbours. It also needs to take more responsibility for European security.

Conference report: How to save the EU

15 January 2018
50 leading economists, political scientists and experts on the EU considered the forces undermining the Union, and how Europe should respond to them.

The biggest Brexit boon for Germany? Migration

11 December 2017
Germany's economy desperately needs qualified immigrants to fill 780,000 jobs. Brexit will help it to do so.

Dig for Victory?

16 November 2017
A UK trade deal with the US will create more problems for British agriculture and food consumers than it would solve.

Relaunching the EU

07 November 2017
The EU is ripe for fundamental reform. New policies are needed for migration and the euro. The EU also needs more flexible structures so that countries can opt in and out of key policies.
How the ECB should respond to a German fiscal boost

How the ECB should respond to a German fiscal boost

26 September 2017
A German stimulus has the potential to help the eurozone economy. But how the ECB reacts is key.
Could Germany end up with a minority government?

Could Germany end up with a minority government?

04 September 2017
The SPD has probably bottomed out and a centre-right coalition might not have the numbers. But neither the SPD nor the Greens are keen on the junior role under Merkel.
What the German elections mean for Brexit

What the German elections mean for Brexit

30 August 2017
The German elections will not affect the outcome of Brexit, whatever coalition partner Angela Merkel may choose.
Make German politics interesting again

Make German politics interesting again

18 August 2017
Merkel is disarming the SPD, which is too cautious to promise real change, while Die Linke’s radicalism is poisoning the SPD’s only possible route to power.