Bulletin issue 145 - August/September 2022

Using sanctioned Russian assets to rebuild Ukraine will not be easy

Camino Mortera-Martinez, Zach Meyers
03 August 2022
Funding Ukraine’s reconstruction with confiscated assets from Russian elites will be legally complex. Seizing Russia’s frozen foreign reserves may prove easier.

Beyond European strategic autonomy?

03 August 2022
European strategic autonomy in security and defence will remain a controversial subject, but leaving aside labels, the Ukraine war is giving fresh momentum to Europeans’ defence efforts.

The US could cope with deglobalisation. Europe couldn't

03 August 2022
True ‘deglobalisation’ – disintegration of the global economy – would be triggered by a political event, like China invading Taiwan. That would be a big problem for Europe’s economy.   
03 August 2022
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Camino Mortera-Martinez, Luigi Scazzieri, John Springford, Zach Meyers