Webinar on 'The implications of the COVID-19 pandemic'

Webinar on 'The implications of the COVID-19 pandemic'

26 March 2020
With Sophia Besch, Ian Bond and John Springford

Dinner on 'Monetary policy in a zero interest world'

27 February 2020
With Philip Lane, Chief Economist, European Central Bank

22nd birthday party - Brussels

04 February 2020
With a keynote speech by Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Trade

Conference on 'Europe and the rest of the world'

04 February 2020
Speakers: Rosa Balfour, Sławomir Dębski, Maria Demertzis, Shada Islam, Pascal Lamy, Michael Landesmann, Thijs van der Plas and Nathalie Tocci


CER/AIG breakfast on 'What role for Europe in the Middle East?'

28 January 2020
With Dina Fakoussa and Michael Ohnmacht

CER/SIEPS panel on 'The rule of law: Democracy's bastion, or its nemesis?'

27 January 2020
With Hans Dahlgren and Didier Reynders

CER/DGAP webtalk on 'Brexit: What next in the relations between the EU and the UK?'

23 January 2020
With Charles Grant, Director, Centre for European Reform