Sander Tordoir

Sander Tordoir

Senior economist
Areas of expertise 

Eurozone monetary and fiscal policy, the institutional architecture of EMU, European integration and Germany’s role in the EU.


The EU cannot leave it to the US and China to slug it out

The Parliament Magazine
01 June 2023
Europe is playing a dangerous game allowing China and the US to escalate their conflict, leading to serious ramifications for the EU's economy.

EU fiscal rule reform has become a defensive fight

03 May 2023
The new EU fiscal rules proposed by the Commission will not slam public investment or exacerbate recessions in the immediate future, but they might haunt the eurozone in the long-term,

CER podcast: Berlin versus Brussels: The politics of EU fiscal rules

12 April 2023
In this week's episode of the CER podcast Sander Tordoir discusses the EU's fiscal rules.

It's Groundhog Day for EU fiscal rule reform

30 March 2023
A desperately needed reform of the EU’s fiscal rules is finally underway.The current rules are too complicated — they impose unrealistic demands on some countries, and they lead to overspending in economic booms and austerity in recessions.

Euractiv: How safe are European banks?

23 March 2023
This week Sander Tordoir joinged the Beyond the Byline podcast to discuss the trouble in the financial markets, following the collapse of the US-based Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

Hungary, Poland and the rule of law: Follow the money

21 February 2023
Since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine a year ago, economic sanctions have been at the forefront of EU policy making.

L'UE peut-elle se permettre de maintenir les sanctions contre la Hongrie et à la Pologne ? Oui…mais ce n’est pas une raison pour le faire

12 February 2023
L'Union européenne a tenté à plusieurs reprises de faire pression sur la Pologne et la Hongrie pour qu'elles respectent l'État de droit.

En wéér is de eurozone niet voorbereid op een crisis

Het Financieele Dagblad
20 December 2022
De crisisbestendigheid van de eurozone wordt keer op keer op de proef gesteld. Dit brengt ook risico's voor de Nederlandse economie met zich mee.
CER podcast: Will the EU unblock Hungary's funds?

CER podcast: Will the EU unblock Hungary's funds?

30 November 2022
Camino Mortera-Martínez and Sander Tordoir discuss the dispute between Hungary and the EU.

CER podcast: Will the Commission's fiscal rules plan work?

18 November 2022
In this week’s Centre for European Reform podcast, John Springford, our deputy director, and Sander Tordoir, senior economist at the CER, discuss the EU’s fiscal rules.