Charles Grant

Charles Grant

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Britain's EU referendum, the 'future of Europe' debate, the euro, Russia, European foreign and defence policy and China's relations with the West.


BBC: The Context with Christian Fraser- First meeting of the European Political Community

06 October 2022
The idea behind the European Political Community is that Europe can have more geopolitical muscle than just EU member-states or countries on their own. European countries will be able to support Ukraine and stand up to Russia with one voice, Charles Grant tells Christian Fraser (from 2:58 mins).

CER podcast: What might Macron's European Political Community look like?

03 October 2022
In this week's CER podcast Camino Mortera-Martinez spoke to Charles Grant about the European Political Community.
CER podcast: Finding a solution to the Northern Ireland Protocol

CER podcast: Finding a solution to the Northern Ireland Protocol

21 September 2022
Hilary Benn MP and Charles Grant discussed the standoff between the UK and the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Radio France: Mort d'Elizabeth II : royauté et identité britanniques en question

10 September 2022
Le 8 septembre vers 19h30, le palais de Buckingham annonçait qu'Elizabeth II s'était éteinte "paisiblement" dans son château de Balmoral. A 96 ans, après 70 ans de règne, la reine laisse les 56 états du Commonwealth orphelins. Que représente ce royaume de 2.5 milliards d'habitants ? Avec: Charles Grant, Directeur du Centre...

Metina Lista: Evropska četrt 102: Charles Grant, Director of the Centre for European Reform

30 August 2022
Charles Grant, director of the CER spoke on the Metina Lista podcast about the many futures for the European Union, the state of a relationship between the EU and the UK, is Macron the leader that the Europe needs and what should be a path forward for Western Balkans.
CER podcast: The Tory leadership contest and what it means for Europe

CER podcast: The Tory leadership contest and what it means for Europe

10 August 2022
Charles Grant and Isabel Hardman consider the UK Conservative party leadership contest.

CER podcast: Where will Macron now take France and Europe?

11 May 2022
We discussed Macron's re-election and where French and EU policy was likely to be headed in his second term.

LBC: Tonight with Andrew Marr

04 May 2022
Charles Grant, director of the CER spoke to Andrew Marr about the break down in relations between Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron (from 36.30 mins).

FT Podcast: How Russia's Ukraine threat galvanised western alliances

17 February 2022
After a week of frenetic diplomacy, the Ukraine crisis has yet to be resolved. But it has had a significant impact on reshaping western alliances. Gideon Rachman talks to Charles Grant, director of the CER about the impact of the Russian threat on US ties with Europe, and on Nato and the EU.

Ask CER - Episode 3: Strategic autonomy, the EU's taxonomy and the French election

26 January 2022
You asked, we answered: the third episode of our ‘Ask CER’ podcast series.