Charles Grant

Charles Grant

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Britain's EU referendum, the 'future of Europe' debate, the euro, Russia, European foreign and defence policy and China's relations with the West.


CER podcast: Charles Grant on negotiating Brexit – priorities on both sides of the channel

03 October 2016
Sophia Besch talks to CER's director Charles Grant about Brexit red lines in Paris, Berlin and Brussels and a negotiation strategy for the British.

CER podcast: Charles Grant and Nick Clegg on Brexit challenges

08 September 2016
Charles Grant talks to Nick Clegg MP about the challenges facing the EU-UK exit negotiations, after the launch of his second 'Brexit Challenge' report.
Il n'y aura pas de nouveau traité européen majeur

Il n'y aura pas de nouveau traité européen majeur

Le Monde
08 August 2016
Le Brexit est un événement capital dans l’histoire de l’Europe, et après lui le récit dominant sera non plus celui de l’intégration mais celui de la désintégration.

CER podcast: 5 questions on Theresa May's Brexit negotiations

01 August 2016
Sophia Besch talks to Charles Grant about the six deals that the British government will have to strike – with the EU, the WTO and bilaterally – in order to realise the Brexit vote.

BBC Radio 4 Westminster Hour: Will Theresa May need a plan B for Brexit?

31 July 2016
The Government is only just realising the complexities of negotiating Brexit, says Charles Grant. He said that the road ahead for negotiators will be perilous and the Prime Minister will need a Plan B.

Six Brexit deals that Theresa May must strike

28 July 2016
Britain’s exit from the EU will be far more complicated than most British politicians realise.

BBC Newsnight: Michel Barnier appointed chief Brexit negotiator

27 July 2016
Charles Grant speaks to BBC Newsnight about the appointment of Michel Barnier as the European Commission's chief Brexit negotiator.

Channel 4 News: Sturgeon's Brexit warning

25 July 2016
Charles Grant talked to Channel 4 News about the the possible consequences of Brexit for border controls in Northern Ireland and Scotland's hopes of remaining in the EU.
(Sturgeon's Brexit warning - from 01.47) 

ITV News: France hopes to snap up finance trade from London after a Brexit

21 July 2016
Charles Grant, director of the CER spoke to ITV News. "The French government would love to see business move from the City of London to Paris for two reasons."

Por qué Reino Unido perdió la batalla

El Pais
04 July 2016
La hostilidad hacia las élites se ha convertido en una fuerza poderosa, no solo en Europa sino también en EE UU. Para la Unión Europea es un problema porque, según el autor, siempre será vista como una institución ligada a la clase dirigente.