Foreign policy & defence

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Europe frets over foreign investments in the defence industry

Clara Marina O'Donnell
15 October 2010
Yale Global Online
A small number of sovereign investors, sometimes originating from non-democratic states, are buying shares in European aerospace and defense companies. Some EU governments have responded by calling for tougher controls on foreign investment in these industries.
But there is no need for alarm. The European defence sector is sufficiently protected by...

EU must co-ordinate its defence needs

Clara Marina O'Donnell
15 August 2010
The Guardian
Most European countries are making drastic cuts to their defence spending. Several, including Britain, are contemplating giving up significant chunks of their military equipment.

A bad deal for Ukraine and Yanukovich

Tomas Valasek
27 April 2010
Financial Times
The new Ukrainian president has got off to a bad start in foreign policy terms. Last week, Viktor Yanukovich signed a lease agreement with Moscow that will allow the Russian Black Sea Fleet to stay in Ukraine for at least another 32 years.

Turkey and Europe: A shifting access

Katinka Barysch
14 April 2010
Open democracy
The EU accession process could yet be the strongest bond that Turkey has to the west. But Ankara's other links in that direction seem to be slackening.

Číne a Amerike musíme ísť príkladom

Tomas Valasek
22 March 2010
Svet po kríze už bude iný, nebude v ňom vládnuť samotná Amerika, novú koncepciu musí prijať aj NATO, hovorí svetovo uznávaný bezpečnostný analytik TOMÁŠ VALÁŠEK.

'West Bank first' approach has failed

Clara Marina O'Donnell
04 February 2010
European Voice
The EU must convince the US to abandon a policy whose flawed logic condemns it to failure.