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CER podcast: CER researchers review the year 2017

Sophia Besch, Ian Bond, Charles Grant, Simon Tilford
20 December 2017
Charles Grant, Simon Tilford and Ian Bond review the political themes and events that shaped 2017, and take a look at some of the predictions they made last year.

Judy Asks: Is multilateralism on the wane?

06 December 2017
Carnegie Europe
Multilateral organizations have often been ignored by individual states: the Soviet Union defied the United Nations after its 1979 invasion of Afghanistan.

Europe must guide Trump on Iran nuclear deal

05 December 2017
North Korea’s latest ballistic missile test is an unsettling reminder of what happens when there is no agreement in place to moderate the behaviour of a bellicose regime.

Eastern partners, eastern problems

23 November 2017
EU Observer
You can tell something about the degree of enthusiasm the EU has for relations with its eastern partners from the 'Myths about the Eastern Partnership' factsheet posted on an EU website on the eve of the fifth 'Eastern Partnership' summit on November 24th.

Fighting the Trump trade threat: The EU must go through Congress

Noah Gordon
17 November 2017
The Trump administration’s actions on trade so far reflect a mixture of traditional, assertive American approaches and more troubling new ideas that could have serious consequences, writes Noah Gordon, warning that Europe has a lot to lose in a steel trade war against the US.

Voice of America: EU signs historic defence pact as Brexit, Trump drive bloc to co-operate

Sophia Besch
14 November 2017
Three years later, Russia’s invasion of Crimea persuaded many European leaders of the need for closer defence.

The West cannot afford to give up on Turkey

17 October 2017
European leaders are set to discuss the increasingly difficult issue of Turkey at a summit this week in Brussels amid the deepest freeze in bilateral relations in years.

CER podcast: Peacekeepers for Ukraine?

Sophia Besch, Luigi Scazzieri
11 October 2017
Sophia Besch talks to Luigi Scazzieri about Russian President Putin’s proposal to send a UN peacekeeping force to eastern Ukraine.

CER podcast: EU values and interests in the age of Trump

Sophia Besch, Ian Bond
29 September 2017
Sophia Besch talks to Ian Bond about how the European Union can protect the international liberal order, as well as its security interests, when it can no longer rely on partnership with Trump’s America.
This is no way to dismantle a nuclear bomb

This is no way to dismantle a nuclear bomb

22 September 2017
Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un are doing their best to make a bad situation in the Korean Peninsula worse.
Judy Asks: Is it time for hard power in North Korea?

Judy Asks: Is it time for hard power in North Korea?

06 September 2017
Carnegie Europe
If there ever was a chance of a successful military response to North Korea’s nuclear program, it is now gone.

No Britain, no missiles! EU has 'lot riding on' working with UK - ex-Macron defence aide

Francois Heisbourg
14 August 2017
The Express
Europe has a "lot riding on" securing continued defence co-operation with Britain after it has left the EU, the former advisor to French president Emmanuel Macron Francois Heisbourg has said in a CER podcast.
CER podcast: François Heisbourg on Franco-German defence co-operation and the EU defence fund

CER podcast: François Heisbourg on Franco-German defence co-operation and the EU defence fund

Sophia Besch, François Heisbourg
11 August 2017
Sophia Besch speaks to Francois Heisbourg about the future of European defence co-operation.

Voice of America: French military spending squeeze prompts top General's resignation

Sophia Besch
20 July 2017
Sophia Besch speaks to Henry Ridgwell as France's military head has resigned after a clash with President Emmanuel Macron over budget cuts.

NATO needs a European 2 per cent

Sophia Besch, Olivier de France
27 May 2017
EU Observer
NATO's summit in Brussels, the first for US president Donald Trump, was intended as a fresh start, a chance for him to distance himself from previous comments in which he called NATO obsolete.

Nato summit: How will the Alliance handle Trump today?

Sophia Besch
25 May 2017
Today, Donald Trump will be attending the NATO summit in Brussels, all signs point to a Europe eager to appease him.

CER podcast: The EU, Russia and China: Difficult neighbours?

Ian Bond, Sophia Besch
17 May 2017
In the week of the One Belt One Road Summit, Ian Bond talks about the complex relationships and rivalries between Russia, China and the EU, and how the EU should move forward to defuse tensions.

Between Russia and the EU, Eastern Europe's future is uncertain

22 March 2017
The Moscow Times
Eastern Europe, dotted with frozen conflicts of Russia’s making, is stuck in transition to an uncertain future.
Britische Trümpfe: London wird die Sicherheitspolitik in den Brexit-Verhandlungen nutzen wollen

Britische Trümpfe: London wird die Sicherheitspolitik in den Brexit-Verhandlungen nutzen wollen

Sophia Besch
01 March 2017
German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP)
Premierministerin Theresa May hat signalisiert, bei den Austrittsverhandlungen mit der EU auch Großbritanniens militär- und sicherheitspolitisches Gewicht in die Waagschale werden zu wollen – ein riskantes Spiel für die EU, aber auch für die Briten.

A quantum solace - defence in Brexit negotiations

Sophia Besch
01 March 2017
Berlin Policy Journal
The UK's exit negotiations with the EU have not yet officially begun, but it is already becoming clear that no policy area will remain unaffected - not even security and defence policy cooperation.