ECB hikes rates for ninth time, despite recession fear

27 July 2023
EU Observer
While the US has tightened the money supply "from a position of strength" and has a shot of disinflation "without a 'deep' recession," Sander Tordoir, who is a senior economist at the Centre for European Reform, tweeted on Thursday, "Such hope if there ever was one, seems faint for the eurozone."

CER podcast: Is the EU ready for enlargement?

Camino Mortera-Martinez, Charles Grant, Heather Grabbe
26 July 2023
Camino Mortera-Martinez, Charles Grant and Heather Grabbe discuss EU enlargement.

Ukraine tackles corruption in bid for EU membership and more stable future

26 July 2023
According to Ian Bond, the director of foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform, “Ukraine has made less progress than many countries in Central and Eastern Europe in tackling the legacy of the way that it exited from communism."And Kyiv has only “relatively recently [implemented] the wholesale reform of Ukrainian institutions to tackle things like judicial corruption."

What is the ‘Rome Process’, Giorgia Meloni’s new plan to tackle irregular migration?

25 July 2023
"I don't see the Rome Process as a major step, but rather as yet another initiative to address migration into Europe," said Luigi Scazzieri, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform.

España frena el auge de la extrema derecha pero deja preguntas sin respuesta

Camino Mortera-Martinez
24 July 2023
A pesar de compartir la etiqueta ECR a nivel europeo, Vox no puede considerarse un partido de extrema derecha convencional porque su tema central es el conflicto de la identidad española "consigo misma", más que la oposición contra "el de fuera", ha afirmado Camino Mortera-Martínez, responsable de la oficina en Bruselas del Centro para la Reforma Europea (CER).

Spanish election puts Europe on edge

21 July 2023
Politico Brussels Playbook
“The upsides [of leaving] are much bigger because he gets a shot at becoming prime minister in the Netherlands,” Sander Tordoir, senior economist at the Centre for European Reform told Gregorio Sorgi, adding: “Timmermans is embarking on a road of no return. He might perform well in the elections and enter government, or he fails — either way he’s undoubtedly out at the European level.”

Frans Timmermans bids to return to Dutch politics

20 July 2023
"The big challenge for him going back is to find the right tone and not be seen as the high horse from Brussels telling the Dutch how things are done," said Sander Tordoir, a senior economist at the Centre for European Reform who is Dutch. "It is a risk for him if he is seen as out of touch."

What would UK-EU defence industrial co-operation look like?

12 July 2023
Defence, security and foreign policy co-operation were not part of the 2020 Trade and Co-operation Agreement that underpins the post-Brexit UK-EU relationship.
CER podcast: NATO in Vilnius: What's next for Ukraine?

CER podcast: NATO in Vilnius: What's next for Ukraine?

11 July 2023
Ian Bond and Luigi Scazzieri discuss the NATO summit in Vilnius.

Stop treating Ukraine like a chemistry experiment

11 July 2023
It strikes me that Western countries are still approaching Ukraine like careful chemists, trying to provide just enough military help to neutralise Russia's invasion without overdoing it.

‘If you want cartwheels, I’m not your person’: Rachel Reeves on charisma, U-turns and rescuing the economy

10 July 2023
The Guardian
According to the Centre for European Reform, there has been an annual £40bn tax drop because of Brexit – equivalent to 34% of the yearly UK education budget, or 21% of the NHS budget. 

Hey Microsoft, can you lend your regulator a lawyer?

07 July 2023
But as Zach Meyers of the Centre for European Reform argues, the CMA’s approach has the virtue of letting consumers decide what business models should prevail and “shows… more respect” for open markets.

Judy Asks: Is Ukraine's NATO membership realistic?

06 July 2023
Carnegie Europe
Ukraine’s NATO membership is essential if the West wants to deter Vladimir Putin — or a Putin-like future Russian leader — from attacking the country again.

Monocle Radio: The Monocle Daily

03 July 2023
In the studio, Terry Stiastny and Ian Bond discuss the EU’s approach to Russian assets, why France and Germany have fallen out of love and how ‘Barbie’ has become an unlikely agitator in Vietnam.

Sommet de l’UE : l’épineux budget européen pas à l’ordre du jour… mais dans toutes les discussions

30 June 2023
Le Parisien
« En un mot, la Commission a enterré le fond de souveraineté tel qu’il avait été promis », tranche Sander Tordoir, chercheur du Centre for European Reform. Pis, selon cet économiste, les tractations qui s’ouvrent risquent fort d’affaiblir l’initiative encore davantage.

CER podcast: The politics of China-US-EU trade: Pulling up the drawbridge?

29 June 2023
In this week's episode of the CER podcast Sander Tordoir, John Springford and Brad Setser discuss green tech industrial policy and ‘de-risking’ trade with China.

Parlamentspräsidentin Metsola fordert Beitrittsverhandlungen mit der Ukraine

29 June 2023
Ian Bond vom CER sagte, der Westen müsse darüber nachdenken, was er noch mehr tun könne, um den Sieg der Ukraine zu beschleunigen. Der Aufstand gegen Putin habe gezeigt, dass der Krieg für Russland nicht gut laufe. Doch machten auch die Ukrainer keine großen Fortschritte dabei, die russischen Truppen aus dem Land zu vertreiben. 

The predictable flop of Europe’s green industrial policy

28 June 2023
While poorer EU countries want a fund allowing them to catch up with the rest of the EU, “richer member states – who might be expected to benefit most since they have more start-ups – may not see the need for such a fund,” said Zach Meyers, a research fellow at the Centre for European Reform (CER).

Is Brexit the real reason for London’s stock market malaise?

28 June 2023
City A.M
The UK economy is estimated to be 5.5 per cent poorer now than it would have been had it stayed in the EU, according to a study by the Centre for European Reform. 

Britanski diplomata za N1: Čini se kao da narod u Rusiji voli Vagnerovce

27 June 2023
Bivši britanski ambasador u Letoniji i ekspert za postsovjetski prostor Ijan Bond izjavio je u emisiji Global fokus da je predsednik Rusije Vladimir Putin mnogo ranjiviji nego što se mislilo,