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CER podcast: NATO in Vilnius: What's next for Ukraine?

CER podcast: NATO in Vilnius: What's next for Ukraine?

11 July 2023
Ian Bond and Luigi Scazzieri discuss the NATO summit in Vilnius.

Stop treating Ukraine like a chemistry experiment

11 July 2023
It strikes me that Western countries are still approaching Ukraine like careful chemists, trying to provide just enough military help to neutralise Russia's invasion without overdoing it.

Judy Asks: Is Ukraine's NATO membership realistic?

06 July 2023
Carnegie Europe
Ukraine’s NATO membership is essential if the West wants to deter Vladimir Putin — or a Putin-like future Russian leader — from attacking the country again.

Monocle Radio: The Monocle Daily

03 July 2023
In the studio, Terry Stiastny and Ian Bond discuss the EU’s approach to Russian assets, why France and Germany have fallen out of love and how ‘Barbie’ has become an unlikely agitator in Vietnam.

Britanski diplomata za N1: Čini se kao da narod u Rusiji voli Vagnerovce

27 June 2023
Bivši britanski ambasador u Letoniji i ekspert za postsovjetski prostor Ijan Bond izjavio je u emisiji Global fokus da je predsednik Rusije Vladimir Putin mnogo ranjiviji nego što se mislilo,

Newstalk: The Wagner group is posing the biggest ever threat

26 June 2023
Speaking to Joe on the show this morning was Ian Bond a former diplomat and now director for foreign policy at the CER.

BBC Newsnight: Cost of Ukraine reconstruction

19 June 2023
Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the CER says "Lawyers differ on this, but there are at least precedents for state assets being taken and used for other purposes."

Principles for Europe's relations with Russia after the war

11 June 2023
Sooner or later, Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine will end. What Western governments don’t know is what kind of Russia they will be dealing with at that point.

Erdogan's victory and the west

10 June 2023
Cyprus Mail
Erdoğan’s re-election as Turkish president means that Ankara’s relations with its Western allies will remain turbulent. The West should expect a bumpy ride.

Giving Ukraine NATO membership is the best way to prevent World War III in Europe

10 June 2023
When they met in Bucharest in April 2008, NATO leaders discussed the membership aspirations of Georgia and Ukraine and declared “these countries will become members of NATO”.

Occidente y la victoria de Erdoğan

05 June 2023
ES Global
La reelección de Erdoğan como presidente de Turquía significa que las relaciones de Ankara con sus aliados occidentales van a seguir siendo turbulentas.

Ask CER - Episode 9: Turkish elections, industrial policy and Ukraine joining NATO

24 May 2023
You asked, we answered: the ninth episode of our 'Ask CER' podcast series.

European Scrutiny Committee: PESCO and UK-EU defence co-operation

17 May 2023
Luigi Scazzieri gave evidence at the European Scrutiny Committee on the topic of UK-EU defence co-operation (from 14:43 mins).

CER podcast: What's at stake in Turkey's historic election?

Luigi Scazzieri, Senem Aydin Düzgit
10 May 2023
In this week's episode of the CER podcast Senem Aydin Düzgit and Luigi Scazzieri discuss the potential outcomes of Turkey's elections.

CER podcast: What is the EU's China policy?

Ian Bond, Camino Mortera-Martinez
26 April 2023
In this week's episode of the CER podcast Ian Bond and Camino Mortera-Martinez discuss the EU's elusive China policy.

What the 2023 Turkish general election could mean for EU-Turkey relations

18 April 2023
LSE blog
Turkey is one of the EU’s largest and most strategically important neighbours, a NATO member and a candidate for EU membership. Its presidential and parliamentary elections, scheduled for 14 May, will determine whether President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan remains in power and in control of Turkey’s relations with Europe.

AB'de Türkiye'deki seçimlere ilişkin gergin bekleyiş

15 April 2023
Deutsche Welle
AB’de Türkiye seçimleriyle ilgili gergin bekleyişi, olası senaryolara hazırlıkları DW Türkçe’ye anlatan CER uzmanı Luigi Scazzieri, “Kılıçdaroğlu'nun galibiyeti ilişkilerin güçlenmesinin yolunu açar” dedi.

Judy Asks: Is Hungary a reliable EU and NATO member?

30 March 2023
Carnegie Europe
Viktor Orbán benefits from EU and NATO membership while undermining these organizations’ core values. Hungary’s allies must find ways to restrain Budapest and not be held hostage.

Navigating Europe’s southern challenges

30 March 2023
European View
The EU’s foreign policy is currently focused on supporting Ukraine in resisting Russian aggression and on dealing with the consequences of the war, particularly in terms of energy security.

CER podcast: Russian hybrid threats

Ian Bond, Helmi Pillai
24 March 2023
In this week's episode of the CER podcast Ian Bond discusses hybrid threats with Helmi Pillai.