BBC Radio 4 The World Tonight: Brexit overshadows migration talks at EU summit

18 February 2016
Charles Grant joins BBC Radio 4 to discuss: Will the Brexit issue overshadow talks on the migration crisis in the EU council?

ITV Good Morning Britain: EU summit negotiations

18 February 2016
John Springford chats to Good Morning Britain on David Cameron's negotiations at the February EU Council Summit.

BBC Three Counties Radio: EU summit deal for Cameron

18 February 2016
Ian Bond talks to Roberto Perrone a possible deal for David Cameron on EU membership at the EU Council Summit.

Tok FM: Czy decyzje o przyszłości Wielkiej Brytanii u UE zapadną już jutro?

18 February 2016
Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska speaks to TOK FM, Poland.

BBC Business Live: EU energy security

Rem Korteweg
16 February 2016
Rem Korteweg discusses the EU's new energy security plans on BBC Business Live.

BBC 2: World War Three: Inside the war room

03 February 2016
Following the crisis in Ukraine and Russia's involvement in Syria, the world is closer to superpower confrontation than at any time since the end of the Cold War. Now, a war room of senior former British military and diplomatic figures [including Ian Bond of the CER] come together to war-game a hypothetical 'hot war' in eastern Europe, including the unthinkable - nuclear confrontation.

ABC News: Russia's looming role in Syrian peace talks

03 February 2016
Syrian peace talks aimed at ending the country's five year war are struggling to get off the ground amid continued air strikes from Russia. Ian Bond, the director of foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform, discusses Russia's role in the UN-brokered talks.

Radio 5 Live Daily: David Cameron's benefit proposals

29 January 2016
Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform discusses David Cameron's proposals on benefits (listen from 10.37).

Daily Politics: Cameron's Brussels renegotiations

29 January 2016
John Springford joins the Daily Politics show to discuss David Cameron's renegotiation efforts in Brussels (from 7.43 mins).
Video speech by Sandro Gozi, 18 January 2016

Video speech by Sandro Gozi, 18 January 2016

Sandro Gozi
18 January 2016
Speech by Sandro Gozi, Undersecretary for Europe, Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Rome delivered to the CER/Istituto Affari Internazionali seminar on 'Between power and rules: The geopolitics of TTIP', Rome

Video speech by Marietje Schaake MEP

Marietje Schaake
18 January 2016
Speech by Marietje Schaake MEP delivered to the CER/Istituto Affari Internazionali seminar on 'Between power and rules: The geopolitics of TTIP', Rome

Tok FM: David Cameron zabiega o poparcie dla reformy UE

08 January 2016
David Cameron zabiega o poparcie dla reformy UE. Rozmawiają Agata Gostyńska i Jakub Janiszewski

Tok FM: Odcinek audycji 'Połączenie'

10 November 2015
UE według Davida Camerona. Rozmawiają Agata Gostyńska i Jakub Janiszewski

LBC Radio: Cameron's EU renegotiations

03 November 2015
Ian Bond speaks to LBC radio on David Cameron's EU renegotiations.

BBC World at One: Cameron's EU referendum negotiations

12 October 2015
Charles Grant discusses David Cameron's EU referendum negotiations with Martha Kearney (at 18:08) on BBC Radio 4, the World at One.

BBC World Service: Europe’s migrant influx threatens Schengen

01 September 2015
John Springford discusses the impact of Schendgen on business.

The Calais crisis: Discussion with Mark Reckless and Emily Maitlis

05 August 2015
Camino Mortera-Martinez discusses the Calais crisis with Mark Reckless and Emily Maitlis.
Watch the debate here (17:40).

Financial Times: Has Greece crisis created a two-speed Europe?

04 August 2015
Christian Odendahl talks to the Financial Times about the Greek crisis (4:48).

BBC Newsnight: Migrant crisis

30 July 2015
Charles Grant discusses the current migrant crisis: watch it here (21:30) and why the UK is a favoured destination for migrants.

Behind the scenes at our 17th birthday party

29 July 2015
With a keynote speech by Joschka Fischer, German foreign minister and vice chancellor from 1998 to 2005. Hosted by HE Witold Sobkow, ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the UK.