Charles Grant

Real Instituto Elcano: Jacques Delors y su legado en la Unión Europea. Conversación con Charles Grant

03 June 2024
La Unión Europea ha sido moldeada por numerosos líderes visionarios, entre los cuales Jacques Delors destaca por su impacto duradero. En este vídeo, Charles Powell, director del Real Instituto Elcano, dialoga con Charles Grant, director del Centre for European Reform y autor de "Delors: Inside the house that Jacques built” Sobre los logros y desafíos de Delors.
Luigi Scazzieri

ISPI podcast: Tories ai minimi storici, Sunak annuncia le elezioni in UK - Globally

24 May 2024
Il prime minister britannico Sunak ha indetto le elezioni generali in Regno Unito per il 4 luglio, con alcuni mesi di anticipo sulla fine naturale del mandato. A cosa è dovuta questa scelta? E cosa significa per UK e Europa? Francesco Rocchetti e Silvia Boccard ne parlano con Luigi Scazzieri,...
Charles Grant

The Spectator Podcast - Coffee House Shots: Can Lammy charm Trump?

09 May 2024
Charles Grant spoke on the Spectator podcast about David Cameron, David Lammy, Donald Trump and China.
CGTN: Charles Grant: Unlike US, EU cares about what China does

CGTN: Charles Grant: Unlike US, EU cares about what China does

01 May 2024
CER director Charles Grant unravels the complexities between China, the US and the EU, exploring divergent interests and perspectives.
Sander Tordoir

Arte: Europa 2024 - Was bewegt uns?

29 April 2024
Sander Tordoir appeared on Arte to speak about Europe's economic challenges in the upcoming European Parliament elections (from 46 mins).
Sander Tordoir

FUTURE IS BLUE PODCAST: Europe's response to Chinese and American economic competition

17 April 2024
In this new episode hosted by Carlos Carnicero Urabayen, Sander Tordoir, Senior Economist at the Centre for European Reform, delved into the intricate dynamics of the global geopolitical landscape, the rise of economic nationalism and Europe's strategic positioning amidst the assertive manoeuvres of superpowers like the United States and China.
Zach Meyers

ANC Digital: EU leaders to discuss how to boost growth, compete with US, China during special summit

17 April 2024
"To make progress in these areas [EU growth], you really need member-states prepared to make compromises, including to give up some of their own national sovereignty over these particular areas," said Zach Meyers, assistant director, CER. 
European Affairs Committee: UK-EU data adequacy

European Affairs Committee: UK-EU data adequacy

16 April 2024
Zach Meyers, assistant director, CER gave evidence to the House of Lords' European Affairs committee for its inquiry into UK-EU data adequacy.
Ian Bond

Euronews: Brussels, my love? Is Europe ready for Trump in the White House?

06 April 2024
We were joined by Ian Bond, deputy director of the CER who warned that Trump was "subservient" to Putin - which is a threat to America's European allies.
Ian Bond

TRT World: As NATO marks its 75th anniversary, is the alliance promoting peace or provoking global conflict?

04 April 2024
As the alliance marks its 75th anniversary, we ask the questions: is NATO a protector of global peace or a potential threat to it? And what does the future hold for the alliance in the next 75 years? Ian Bond, deputy director at the Centre for European Reform (from 07;10 mins)...
Zach Meyers

The World: European Union fines Apple $2 billion in antitrust case

04 March 2024
On Monday, the European Union sent a message to Apple and other tech giants: We will ensure compliance with our regulations. It followed a massive $2 billion antitrust fine for Apple. The EU had accused the tech giant of anti-competitive practices toward rival music applications on its products.
Host Carolyn Beeler...
Sander Tordoir

BNR podcast: ‘Microsoft houdt dolgraag voet aan grond op Duitse consumentenmarkt’

15 February 2024
Voor de Duitse bondskanselier Olaf Scholz komt de miljardeninvestering van Microsoft in de Duitse AI-infrastructuur als een geschenk uit de hemel. De economie van het land stagneert al min of meer vier jaar en de angst om te de-industrialiseren is enorm, zegt Sander Tordoir, senior econoom bij denktank Centre for European...

EU prepares for possible second Donald Trump presidency

18 January 2024
CNN's Rosemary Church speaks with Ian Bond of the CER about how Europe is preparing for a possible second Donald Trump presidency.
Charles Grant

FT podcast - Rachman review: The future of Europe

04 January 2024
It's an important year for the European Union, which holds parliamentary elections in June. As geopolitical turbulence continues to test the strength of global alliances, will Europe pursue further integration or start to pull apart? Gideon discusses these questions, and the role played by European Commission presidents, past and present, with Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform in London.
Charles Grant

Radio 4 - Last Word: Jacques Delors

31 December 2023
Charles Grant spoke with Kirsty Lang on Jacques Delors, the politician and architect of the modern EU (from 0:45).
Ian Bond

Polskie Radio 24: Historyczny rok w relacjach UE z Ukrainą. Jest zielone światło dla negocjacji członkowskich

30 December 2023
Z punktu widzenia psychologicznego to było ważne. Brak pozytywnej decyzji byłby sygnałem dla Putina, że Zachód nie zgadza się, by Ukraina była jego częścią. To byłby też krok w tył ze strony Unii - podkreślił w rozmowie z Polskim Radiem Ian Bond z londyńskiego Centre for European Reform.
Future is Blue: EuroInsights: economic lessons in 2023

Future is Blue: EuroInsights: Economic lessons in 2023

20 December 2023
Sander Tordoir, Senior Economist at the Centre for European Reform, together with Raymond Torres, Funcas Europe Director in conversation with Carlos Carnicero Urabayen, Future is Blue host analyse what are the key lessons learned for the EU economy in 2023.
ivoox: The Eastern Front - What is going on with EU accession talks and Ukraine funding

ivoox: The Eastern Front - What is going on with EU accession talks and Ukraine funding

16 December 2023
This week, the EU voted on being the Ukrainian accession process. On this episode of The Eastern Front, Giselle, Dalibor, and Iulia welcome Ian Bond, the deputy director of the Centre for European Reform to discuss the likely outcomes of accession talks. How will Hungary complicate matters? What role does the...
Charles Grant

CNBC: China sees the EU as a potential partner in a multipolar world

07 December 2023
Charles Grant, director at the Centre for European Reform, discusses EU-China relations on CNBC.
ZDF Heute: Rennen um Ruttes Nachfolge

ZDF Heute: Rennen um Ruttes Nachfolge

22 November 2023
Sander Tordoir spricht von "schwebenden Wählern". 63 Prozent wissen zwei Tage vor der Wahl nicht, wo sie landen, wo sie ihr Kreuz machen. Die Milieubindung sei in den Niederlanden schon länger noch geringer als in Deutschland: Weniger Kirche, weniger Gewerkschaften.