Tok FM: David Cameron zabiega o poparcie dla reformy UE

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska
08 January 2016
David Cameron zabiega o poparcie dla reformy UE. Rozmawiają Agata Gostyńska i Jakub Janiszewski

Tok FM: Odcinek audycji 'Połączenie'

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska
10 November 2015
UE według Davida Camerona. Rozmawiają Agata Gostyńska i Jakub Janiszewski

LBC Radio: Cameron's EU renegotiations

03 November 2015
Ian Bond speaks to LBC radio on David Cameron's EU renegotiations.

BBC World at One: Cameron's EU referendum negotiations

12 October 2015
Charles Grant discusses David Cameron's EU referendum negotiations with Martha Kearney (at 18:08) on BBC Radio 4, the World at One.

BBC World Service: Europe’s migrant influx threatens Schengen

01 September 2015
John Springford discusses the impact of Schendgen on business.

The Calais crisis: Discussion with Mark Reckless and Emily Maitlis

Camino Mortera-Martinez
05 August 2015
Camino Mortera-Martinez discusses the Calais crisis with Mark Reckless and Emily Maitlis.
Watch the debate here (17:40).

Financial Times: Has Greece crisis created a two-speed Europe?

Christian Odendahl
04 August 2015
Christian Odendahl talks to the Financial Times about the Greek crisis (4:48).

BBC Newsnight: Migrant crisis

30 July 2015
Charles Grant discusses the current migrant crisis: watch it here (21:30) and why the UK is a favoured destination for migrants.

Behind the scenes at our 17th birthday party

29 July 2015
With a keynote speech by Joschka Fischer, German foreign minister and vice chancellor from 1998 to 2005. Hosted by HE Witold Sobkow, ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the UK.
Video on: Westminster's scrutiny of European affairs

Video on: Westminster's scrutiny of European affairs

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska
15 July 2015
Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska discusses her most recent CER publication 'A ten-point plan to strengthen Westminster's oversight of EU policy'.
See her publication here.

BBC Newsnight live from Athens: Duncan Weldon talks to Simon Tilford on the Greek crisis

Simon Tilford
06 July 2015
Live from Athens, as the Greeks and the Euro face the consequences of a no vote. The BBC are hit in the wallet. And have Labour forgotten how to win?
Simon Tilford talks to Duncan Weldon on the Greek crisis: watch it here (12:39/ 14:18).

Radio 4 - Week in Westminster: Greek crisis and the eurozone

27 June 2015
Charles Grant speaks on the 'Week in Westminster' discussing the Greek crisis and the eurozone.

China Central TV: EU at a crossroads

26 June 2015
Ian Bond is interviewed by China Central TV English service, along with Francois Godement of ECFR and George Tzogopoulos, on the Greek crisis in Europe.

Share Radio: Why TTIP negotiations face a slowdown

Rem Korteweg
16 June 2015
Rem Korteweg discusses the TTIP negotiations with Share Radio.

France Culture: Bruxelles, et après ?

Camino Mortera-Martinez
14 June 2015
Interview de Camino Mortera-Martinez, chercheuse au Centre for European Reform, un think tank londonien. 
Le 14 juin 1985, les accords de Schengen étaient signés par les cinq Etat membres de la Communauté économique européenne d'alors. Ils sont entrés en vigueur en 1995 et 26 Etats dont 22 membres de l'Union européenne...

Share Radio: TTIP deal

Rem Korteweg
09 June 2015
Rem Korteweg talks to Share Radio ahead of the European Parliament vote on TTIP.

Latvian Public Broadcasting: В Риге открываетса саммит "Восточного партнерства"

21 May 2015
Ian Bond speaks to Latvian Public Broadcasting about his low expectations of the Riga Summit (2:18).
В Ригу уже прибыли практически все лидеры. Помимо представителей стран восточного партнёрства, это и главы стран Евросоюза, включая президента Франции Француа Олланда, канцлера Германии Ангелы Меркель и премьера Великобритании Дэвида Кэмерона. Мы выходим на прямую связь с нашим корреспондентом Викторией Терентьевой.

ECFR's the world in 30 minutes: Riga summit

19 May 2015
ECFR's director Mark Leonard speaks to Ian Bond, director of Foreign Policy at the CER, and ECFR Senior Policy Fellow's Kadri Liik and Andrew Wilson. They take a look at the Eastern Partnership summit, which will take place in Riga on the 20-21 May 2015, and whether we can expect any...

France 24: Road to EU renegotiation for re-elected British PM

11 May 2015
Ian Bond speaks to France 24 on how Cameron will seek to re-negotiate with the EU

Radio Fribourg: Cameron's promised EU referendum

07 May 2015
Ian Bond talks to Radio Fribourg on the referendum over the UK and the EU promised by David Cameron (02:50).