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Transatlantic tensions

01 December 1999
The friendship between the EU and the US is unusually strained, and the outlook appears bleak. Tension is most evident in the one area where the EU has a coherent foreign policy, trade (the EU's reluctance to implement WTO rulings on bananas and beef hormones has been shameful).
Bulletin issue 15

Issue 15 - 2000

Charles Grant, Heather Grabbe, Kirsty Hughes
26 November 1999
Bulletin issue 8

Issue 8 - 1999

Charles Grant, Ben Hall, Bernard Hughes, Steven Everts,
24 September 1999
Europe's defence industry

Europe's defence industry: A transatlantic future

Charles Grant, Gordon Adams, Alex Ashbourne, Luc Boureau, Bruce Clark, Chris Crane, Keith Hayward, Theresa Hitchens, Robbin Laird, Denis Verret and Stephan von Henneberg
02 July 1999
In December 1998 Europe's first major cross-border defence industry merger was imminent: a deal between British Aerospace (BAe) and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace (Dasa) had been agreed and all but signed and sealed.
Russia in Europe

Russia in Europe

Rodric Braithwaite
05 February 1999
Russia is a European country, though a very peculiar one. Russia is also in deep crisis. But the situation in Russia is never as bad or as good as it seems.
What next for Russia?

What next for Russia?

Rodric Braithwaite
01 December 1998
Russia is a European country, albeit one with many non-European interests. Russia and the other countries of Europe share a common concern for the stability and prosperity of the continent.
Bulletin issue 3

Issue 3 - 1998

Charles Grant, Rodric Braithwaite, Ben Hall, Kitty Ussher
27 November 1998
Bulletin issue 9

Issue 9 - 1999

Charles Grant, Tim Garden, John Roper, Charles Leadbeater
27 November 1998
Integration or isolation? Restructuring Europe's defence industry

Integration or isolation? Restructuring Europe's defence industry

Alex Ashbourne
01 July 1998
As the states of the European Union draw closer together, their inability to unite and restructure their defence industries is becoming ever more anachronistic. Britain, France and Germany currently have separate defence industries. In a united Europe, such duplication is neither necessary nor economically viable.
Bridging the Atlantic

Bridging the Atlantic: Domestic politics and Euro-American relations

Mark Nelson
05 December 1997
Is the transatlantic relationship an unhealthy dependency, a Cold War relic? That's the view of a growing number of people on both sides of the Atlantic who are increasingly questioning the relevance of the special link between Europe and America.
US missile defence: Strategically sound, politically questionable

US missile defence: Strategically sound, politically questionable

Bruno Tertrais
In Europe, both governments and the broad spread of public opinion have been largely sceptical about, or opposed to, missile defence. Arguments between the Europeans and the Bush administration over missile defence – combined with tensions over the European Security and Defence Policy, and American participation in Balkan peacekeeping operations...