Foreign policy & defence

Protecting Europe's critical infrastructure from Russian hybrid threats

Helmi Pillai
25 April 2023
European policy-makers are concerned about the threat posed by Russia's hybrid attacks on critical infrastructure.

Note to the West: Help Georgia and Moldova as well as Ukraine

21 April 2023
Russian influence in Georgia and Moldova is a threat to Western interests. While Putin is tied up in Ukraine, the West should weaken his position in the other two states.

The best national security that (no) money can buy?

03 April 2023
The UK’s ‘Integrated Review refresh’ is more sober than its 2021 precursor. But the gap between the challenges the UK faces and the resources available to meet them has grown.

The EU and Turkey after the elections: The start of a new chapter?

29 March 2023
Whatever the outcome of the elections, Turkey and the EU will have shared challenges to address. But the result will define the likely balance between co-operation and confrontation for years.

A year of war in Europe: The balance sheet

22 February 2023
Since Russia attacked Ukraine, the CER has tracked the war’s effect on the protagonists, the EU, NATO and other powers. What conclusions can be drawn from the past year?

Finland should prepare to join NATO on its own

Helmi Pillai
16 February 2023
Last month, Turkey threatened to block Sweden’s NATO membership, while indicating its support for Finland’s accession to the alliance. If Turkey continues to block Swedish membership, Finland should join NATO alone. 

The impact of the war in Ukraine: Annual report 2022

10 February 2023
The CER's annual report starts with an essay on how the war in Ukraine is changing Europe. The report then highlights some of the CER's most important publications and events from 2022.

Europe and the Iran nuclear threat

06 February 2023
Efforts to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal have stalled and Tehran is closer than ever to having nuclear weapons. Europe needs a new strategy.

Germany, Russia and Ukraine: From 'Turning Point' to missing the point

27 January 2023
Germany’s slowness in authorising the supply of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine was bad news for Ukraine, European security and Germany itself. But other Western leaders should not be too smug.

Is European defence missing its moment?

16 January 2023
European defence budgets are increasing in the wake of Russia’s war on Ukraine. But if member-states don’t co-ordinate their spending better, fragmentation will persist and Europe’s defence industry could weaken.

A new era of Finnish foreign policy begins

Helmi Pillai
19 December 2022
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to unprecedented changes to Finnish foreign policy. Applying for NATO membership should only be the beginning. 

China and Russia: Are there limits to 'no limits' friendship?

15 December 2022
China has mostly offered Russia rhetorical support in its war against Ukraine. Beijing seems uncomfortable with Putin’s nuclear sabre-rattling. But China is unlikely to allow Russia to be decisively defeated.

Now is not the time for Ukraine to negotiate

01 December 2022
Various Western figures are encouraging Ukraine to begin peace negotiations with Russia. But a ceasefire now would leave Ukraine vulnerable to a renewed Russian attack. Ukraine needs weapons, not wavering.

Europe's migration problems are back

24 November 2022
The migration spat between France and Italy is a reminder that EU migration politics continue to be toxic, and that Europe’s common migration and asylum system remains incomplete.

Can EU enlargement gain momentum?

03 November 2022
The war in Ukraine reinvigorated EU enlargement, but recent momentum will be hard to maintain. The Union should increase support for candidates and further develop ways to integrate them before membership.

The new US National Security Strategy: Battling China for technological leadership

Carl Bildt
24 October 2022
Despite the gravity of the war in Ukraine, the focus of the new US National Security Strategy is China.

A world of troubles for Liz Truss

29 September 2022
The new prime minister faces huge foreign policy challenges. She needs to choose her friends, her enemies and her policies carefully.