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Transatlantic disputes must not undermine

Transatlantic disputes must not undermine EU and US counter-terrorism co-operation

Adam Townsend
05 June 2003
Not all is doom and gloom in the tattered transatlantic relationship. EU member-states and the US are co-operating effectively over terrorism. But the US needs to work more with the EU as a whole, rather thansimply through individual European governments. Moreover, officials on both sides of the Atlantic are increasingly...
Guarding Europe

Guarding Europe

Adam Townsend
02 May 2003
The European Union needs to build an effective security framework to stop criminals and terrorists from roaming freely across its internal borders.
New designs for Europe

New designs for Europe

Charles Grant, Katinka Barysch, Steven Everts, Heather Grabbe, Peter Hain, Ben Hall, Daniel Keohane, Alasdair Murray
04 October 2002
Everybody agrees that the EU's institutions are in bad need of reform. In the Convention on the Future of Europe, and elsewhere, a real debate has begun on how Europe should be governed.
Justice and home affairs: Faster decisons, secure rights

Justice and home affairs: Faster decisons, secure rights

Heather Grabbe
04 October 2002
Justice and home affairs (JHA) has become the EU’s most active policy area, but one of its least known or understood. It now accounts for about 40 per cent of the EU’s new legislation. There is strong public support for European countries to work together more closely to deal with...
Capital markets

New rules for capital markets

Alasdair Murray
01 August 2002
The fallout from the Enron and WorldCom corporate scandals in the United States will resonate through global securities markets for years to come.
Europe must tackle asylum

Europe must tackle asylum

Ben Hall
01 October 2001
Television images of migrants walking unabashed into the Channel Tunnel are a stark reminder of the fact that Britain is no longer an island.
Bulletin issue 20

Issue 20 - 2001

Charles Grant, Steven Everts, Ben Hall
28 September 2001

Speeding up European justice

Matthew Heim
01 August 2001
The European Union's legal system is one of the most significant contributors to European cohesion, prosperity and peace; yet it is also one of the Union's least recognised strengths.
Bulletin issue 19

Issue 19 - 2001

Charles Grant, Edward Bannerman, Matthew Heim
27 July 2001
Policing Europe

Policing Europe: EU justice and home affairs co-operation

Ben Hall, Ashish Bhatt
01 October 1999
Most observers of the European Union see the single currency as the principal driving force of European integration in the coming decade.
A single market in crime

A single market in crime

Ben Hall
02 August 1999
Crime is becoming increasingly international, and it is a big business. A recent United Nations report estimates that the global turnover of criminal organisations amounts to some £1,000 billion a year, considerably larger than the gross domestic product of Britain.
Bulletin issue 7

Issue 7 - 1999

Charles Grant, Kitty Ussher, Nina Marenzi, Ben Hall
30 July 1999
A new model of European integration?

A new model of European integration?

David Harrison
01 December 1998
Ben Hall writes interestingly about the distinction between looser, inter-governmental forms of EU co-operation and actual EU legislation ('detailed, centrally-set rules') in CER Bulletin Issue 2. I agree such a distinction is helpful. But is it in fact new?
Since at least 1964 (and the landmark case of Costa v ENEL)...
Trouble in the Med

Trouble in the Med

Dan Bilefsky
01 July 1998
Most of the European continent is more peaceful now than at any other time in its history. Except, that is, for the Balkans, with Kosovo on the brink of a full-scale Serb-Albanian war - and Europe's south-eastern fringe where another conflict is imminent: Turkey and Greece, two NATO allies, could end up at war.