Politexperte Hugo Brady: «Ich halte nicht viel von Untergangspropheten»

15 July 2013
Migros Magazin
Wohin steuert Europa? Ist das Modell EU überhaupt reformierbar? Das Migros-Magazin hat Hugo Brady, einen der ausgewiesensten Spezialisten in Sachen Europa, gefragt. Der Ire über Reformen in Zeiten der Krise und über die Schweiz als Vorbild der Grossen im Staatenbund.
Hugo Brady, auf dem ganzen Kontinent steigt die...

European justice: More is less

12 July 2013
The Economist
Britain has to opt out of all the rules on justice and policing and then get European approval to opt back in to the bits it likes. ...Hugo Brady of the CER says the result of the change will be to reduce Britain’s influence in the EU's justice and migration policies.

Europe in danger of losing race to commercialise CCS

Stephen Tindale
12 July 2013
Utility Week
"It is a sign that Europe is losing the race for CCS commercialisation, which will be a major missed economic opportunity," said Stephen Tindale, associate fellow at the Centre for European Reform.

Political cosmetics

04 July 2013
European Voice
Charles Grant argues in a recent paper for the CER that member states' confidence in the Commission is diminishing because it proposes too many detailed rules in areas such as environment, food safety and social policy.

Rift over austerity plans is seen in ailing Portugal

03 July 2013
The New York Times
"Portugal was one of the poster children for it, with a government that sounded even more wedded to austerity and supply-side reforms than the policy makers sitting in Brussels, Berlin and Frankfurt," said Simon Tilford, of the CER.

Can Europe shoulder its military burden on its own?

Clara Marina O’Donnell
02 July 2013
The Christian Science Monitor
"NATO has meant that countries, historically, that had been at war have put those animosities aside and committed to mutual security," says Clara O'Donnell of the CER, "It means that at least there is one part of the world that the US had to worry about before that it now doesn't have to worry about."

Die Slowakei hat keine Angst vor "Großdeutschland"

30 June 2013
Die Welt
Als auf dem Sicherheitsforum GLOBSEC, das in Bratislava stattgefunden hat, Charles Grant, CER, in der Diskussion den Ausdruck "Großdeutschland" benutzte – und unter diesem Begriff Deutschland, Niederlande, Finnland und die Slowakei vorstellte – hat es in dem Saal ordentlich rumort.

Between rock and hard place in Brussels

27 June 2013
The Wall Street Journal
Charles Grant, of the CER, says the commission draws extra fire because of its contradictory roles. It is at once the political body that initiates legislation and brokers compromises among EU members—but also the technical body that polices markets and rules.

What a prospect - pro-European think tank hits top spot

27 June 2013
Evening Standard
Hats off to the Centre for European Reform, which won Prospect magazine’s Think-Tank of the Year for International Affairs. Bill Emmott, former editor of The Economist, admitted that the judges ummed and aahed over giving a pro-European think-tank an award but felt CER deserved the honour. 

Britian's migration delusion

26 June 2013
Right from the start, EU immigration was the glaringly obvious hole in David Cameron’s pledge to “reduce net immigration into the UK from the hundreds to the tens of thousands”.

UK has cut too deeply, but don't misread Greece's hardship

26 June 2013
Financial Times
From Mr Simon Tilford.Sir, The UK Treasury may well be guilty of many of the failings Philip Stephens attributes to it (“The best spending cut of all? Shut down the Treasury”, June 24).

EU summit in Brussels wrestles with youth unemployment

26 June 2013
John Springford, of the CER, said the EU was facing "very large political roadblocks" hampering the necessary macro-economic changes. "They are stumbling towards integration very slowly - when the financial markets relax the pressure, the progress stalls," he told BBC News.

Is Italy headed for a Greece-style bailout?

26 June 2013
Italy might need a Greece-style bailout within six months. That’s the warning from Italy's second largest bank, MedioBanca, according to a report in Britain's Daily Telegraph. Simon Tilford, from the CER, joins Marketplace Morning Report host David Brancaccio to discuss.

EU's eroding support imperils crisis response

25 June 2013
The Wall Street Journal
"The biggest problem the EU faces is a crisis of legitimacy," says Charles Grant, director of the CER. "The euro arguably needs more centralised economic policy-making, but the popular support for that is not there."

The comeback of old king coal

Stephen Tindale
24 June 2013
Financial Times
But as an excellent, if depressing, forthcoming paper from Stephen Tindale to be published by the Centre for European Reform makes clear not a single one of the CCS plants which are supposed to be built in European by 2015 is actually under construction.

EU betrays cultural blind spot in handling Turkey

Heather Grabbe
21 June 2013
Financial Times
Heather Grabbe, formerly a senior EU official dealing with enlargement, in a Centre for European Reform paper this week urges the EU to "hug Turkey closer at this great moment in Turkey’s democratic journey".

Commentary on Irene Finel-Honigman's article: And the key question is whether a stronger eurozone will split the EU apart

Philip Whyte
20 June 2013
Europe's world
The friction between what Irene Finel-Honigman calls "economic rationale" and "political will" has been the driving force behind European integration. But now the eurozone crisis has transformed the nature of this interaction; its underlying spirit is no longer positive and optimistic – "how can we bring Europe closer together?"...

Germany's ascendancy over Europe will prove short-lived

19 June 2013
The Daily Telegraph
Simon Tilford, from the CER, says Germany was never as weak as it looked earlier this decade, and is not as strong as it looks now. But success goes to the head in politics. The national mood has swung from “self-flagellation” to “hubris”, with some questioning the need for Europe at all.

Wave of protests engulfs Greece

18 June 2013
The New York Times
Simon Tilford, of the CER. said, "The idea that Greece is somehow out of the woods seems complacent,” adding, “It reflects a readiness to ignore the large-scale political challenges facing Greece."

Cash strapped Europe pools defence, saves little so far

Clara Marina O’Donnell
17 June 2013
"Countries remain scared to pool capabilities because they don't want to lose control and they don't like the idea of having to sacrifice jobs," said Clara Marina O'Donnell, of the CER.