L'influence du parlement européen inquiète les Britanniques

22 December 2013
La Croix
"Il n’est pas bon que la Commission européenne soit si impopulaire" Charles Grant, directeur du Centre for European Reform à Londres.

Deal on banking union will test goal of united Europe

19 December 2013
International New York Times
"It is no wonder the EU finds it so hard to take decisions," said Charles Grant of the CER. "You have a sick patient on the bed and doctors gathered around who cannot decide on the nature of the illness or the medicine required to cure the patient."

Europe's banking deal leaves doubts

19 December 2013
The Wall Street Journal
"[The agreement on banking union is] not going to do anything to head off the credit crunch we're seeing in the South," says Simon Tilford of the CER.

UK jobs model hard to copy

19 December 2013
The Wall Street Journal
"It's a bit of a puzzle," said Simon Tilford of the CER. ...Mr Tilford thinks the behavior of unemployment in the face of such a weak economy may reflect problems in measuring gross domestic product.

Foreign investors wary as Ukraine plumps for Russia

18 December 2013
Financial Times
"Instead of diversifying Ukraine's gas supplies and increasing its energy efficiency, this agreement is likely to ensure that Ukraine continues to be tied to Russia, subject to the threat of gas supplies being turned off for political or economic reasons," says Ian Bond of the CER.

UK to stall Brussels' ambition on defence

Clara Marina O'Donnell
18 December 2013
Financial Times
Clara Marina O'Donnell, at the CER, notes the "startling level of panic" unleashed across nations this summer when the European Commission revealed it wanted to extend its influence over European military co-ordination and procurement. ..."For them to continue to bolt despite all the defence cuts and the talk of the need for further co-operation shows just how difficult it is," she said.


Angela Merkel's SPD coalition partners will be bad news for David Cameron's hopes of reform

17 December 2013
The Daily Telegraph
"Merkel might decide that fighting Britain's corner is not worth undermining relations with the SPD, who are very much opposed to making anything that could smack of a concession to Britain," said Simon Tilford of the CER.

Cameron's European gamble is a losing proposition

17 December 2013
Financial Times
David Cameron has embarked on a bold, possibly reckless, strategy to sort out Britain’s troubled relationship with the EU. He promises that, if re-elected, he will renegotiate membership terms, then hold an in-or-out referendum in 2017.

Europejska obrona bez strategii

16 December 2013
Najpierw projektuje się dom, a potem kupuje zmywarkę – argumentuje Ian Bond, ekspert CER w Londynie. To aluzja do Unii Europejskiej, która jego zdaniem powinna najpierw uzgodnić strategię obronną, a potem decydować o szczegółach, jak wzmocnienie zdolności bojowych, konsolidowanie przemysłu obronnego itp.

Hardships linger for a mending Ireland

11 December 2013
The New York Times
"Ireland is the closest thing to a success story that European leaders have," said Simon Tilford of the CER in London. "But it doesn't really stand up to scrutiny because there’s been a huge fall in the domestic economy and living standards."

American official tells Ukraine's protest leaders to find peaceful end to crisis

05 December 2013
The New York Times
"The EU shouldn't feel too responsible for what’s going on in Ukraine," said Charles Grant, the director of the CER. Mr Yanukovich was bluntly telling European and American diplomats that he needed $20 billion to seal the deal in the face of Russian opposition.

EU says onus on governments to prevent 'benefit tourism'

05 December 2013
The Wall Street Journal
Actual welfare abuse is "tiny, but potentially very combustible politically," said Hugo Brady of the London-based think-tank CER.

Door betogers belaagde Oekraïense president belooft Europese Unie beterschap

03 December 2013
Het Financieele Dagblad
Volgens Ian Bond, directeur buitenlands beleid bij de Londense denktank CER, is het in ieder geval van groot belang dat een omwenteling zich binnen de bestaande grondwet voltrekt. ‘Onconstitutionele verandering kan dit land niet gebruiken, onderdrukking trouwens evenmin.’

Deflating German excuses

02 December 2013
New York Times
Germany has become accustomed to being top of the class in Europe, the economic musterkind, or model pupil, of the Continent. But it was recently reprimanded by the United States Treasury for running a large trade surplus and imposing a "deflationary bias" on the eurozone.

Russia warned it might breach Helsinki accord

30 November 2013
The Irish Times
"What it has made absolutely clear, however, is that the EU is not prepared to pay Ukraine to make the required reforms, or that a trilateral conversation between the EU, Ukraine and Russia is what’s needed," said Ian Bond of the CER.

Londres se crispe sur l’immigration européenne

29 November 2013
Le Temps
En d’autres termes, les immigrés européens rapportent plus en impôts qu’ils ne coûtent en aides sociales, selon le CER. "L’annonce de David Cameron est avant tout politique", estime Simon Tilford, du CER.

The UK energy confusion: Good policies, shame about the politics

Stephen Tindale
29 November 2013
Energy Post
To outside observers, UK energy policy must seem to be hopelessly confused and the energy sector in a mess. Actually, the problem is not so much the policies, writes Stephen Tindale, associate fellow at the Centre for European Reform.

EU-Ostpartnerschaft hat Hälfte der Länder verloren

29 November 2013
Wirtschafts Blatt
"Weißrussland ist gleich am Anfang in der Station geblieben, Aserbaidschan hat sich früh verabschiedet, Armenien wurde von Russland hinausgezwungen und die Ukraine bleibt wegen eines Mix aus internen Problemen und russischem Druck fern," beschreibt es Ian Bond, im CER.

Londres défie l'Union européenne sur la libre circulation

27 November 2013
Le Monde
"L'annonce de David Cameron de restreindre l'accès aux allocations sociales est avant tout politique. Il sait que ça marchera bien auprès du grand public", estime Simon Tilford, du CER.

British government defends immigration plans despite EU criticism

27 November 2013
The Voice of Russia (Radio)
John Springford of the CER, says that these migrants will come to the UK to work – rather than to claim benefits. “Central and Eastern European migrants are much less likely to take up benefits than the UK population."