Referendum would turn UK’s presidency of EU into a ‘farce’

27 December 2014
The Guardian
Charles Grant, director of the CER, said that, if a Tory government were to recommend staying in the EU during a referendum campaign in 2017, then it might be possible to hold a reasonably successful British presidency.

O ano em que Reino Unido pode começar a soltar amarras da UE

26 December 2014
Camino Mortera-Martinez concorda com o primeiro-ministro britânico, concluindo que a generalidade dos entraves propostos por Londres vai contra os princípios da livre circulação.

Year in review 2014: Russian president Vladimir Putin goes back to the USSR

25 December 2014
The National
"If there is anything we have learnt about Putin in 2014, [it’s] that he’s even more paranoid about the West in general and America in particular than we previously assumed", says Charles Grant, director of the CER.

The week the dam broke in Russia and ended Putin's dreams

20 December 2014
The Telegraph
“The nightmare scenario is if ‘little green men’ appear in one of the Baltics, and it then invokes Nato’s Article V,” says Ian Bond of the CER.

BBC Radio 4: The World Tonight: Germany and the eurozone

Christian Odendahl
19 December 2014
BBC Radio - The World Tonight
Christian Odendahl speaks to BBC Radio 4 The World Tonight on Germany's budget deficit and how this impacts the rest of the eurozone.

Les Anglais penchent de plus en plus vers une sortie de l'UE

19 December 2014
Le Figaro
 "L'euroscepticisme est clairement devenu plus prononcé ces derniers temps", souligne Simon Tilford, du think-tank Centre for European Reform.

BBC 4 Radio Today Programme - The last EU summit of 2014

18 December 2014
BBC Radio 4 Today Programme
The last EU summit of the year ended early on Thursday evening. Charles Grant talks to BBC Radio 4 on Britain's relationship with the EU.

Russia and the US play the blame game

18 December 2014
The Moscow Times
The US Senate Intelligence Committee's recently released report on CIA torture of terrorist suspects makes stomach-churning reading. 

EU investment: Juncker's cunning plan

17 December 2014
BBC News
"It seems the point of the fund is to help the eurozone, and the East Europeans are worried about that, especially the Czech government," said John Springford of the CER.

Facing new opportunities in Europe?

17 December 2014
The Jerusalem Post
Israel should aspire to cooperate with the political parties which are truly committed to the liberal-democratic tradition.

EU doet er goed aan om de relatie met Turkije op peil te houden

Rem Korteweg
16 December 2014
Rem Korteweg: "Erdogan wil van Turkije een strategische gashub maken".

ITV Tonight, Episode 40: Europe - The people's poll

15 December 2014
ITV News
Fiona Foster reports on what impact the EU has had on the UK, and reveals the results of one of the largest ever opinion polls on the future of Britain in Europe. She speaks to John Springford on the question of a British exit from the EU.

Video interview on 'Unlocking Europe's capital markets union'

Hugo Dixon
12 December 2014
With Hugo Dixon, editor-at-large Reuters News and the founder of Reuters Breakingviews. 

Video interview on 'What should an energy union cover?'

Nick Butler
11 December 2014
With Nick Butler, visiting professor and chair of the King's Policy Institute at King's College London.

The fear from migration is penetrating the British mainstream (in Hebrew)

11 December 2014
המערכת הפוליטית הבריטית מעבירה הילוך. הבחירות של 2015  מתקרבות בצעדי ענק, ומנהיגי המפלגות מחממים מנועים לקראת מה שמסתמן - לפי המדגמים - כמרוץ צמוד ופתוח (עם יתרון קל ללייבור לעת עתה).

Tusk bulks up EU Russia response with pro-US worldview

11 December 2014
"You can argue that the euro zone is still in a pretty terrible economic state, but the external world has become very challenging", said Ian Bond of the CER.

The greatest challenge to US-European security cooperation today: The Ukraine crisis

Ian Bond, Denis Corboy, William Courtney, Michael Haltzel and Kenneth Yalowitz
10 December 2014
The National Interest
Leadership from both sides of the Atlantic is essential for an effective response to Russia's actions.

Bank on 'Super Mario' to give Europe a monetary jolt

Christian Odendahl
07 December 2014
"Mario Draghi’s penchant for seeking German approval has been his biggest mistake as head of the ECB," said Christian Odendahl, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform in London.

Cameron's European problems come to a head

06 December 2014
The New Zealand Herald
"Hostility to EU migration has become the most salient issue in British politics, despite evidence of its positive economic impact," said Camino Mortera-Martinez of the CER.

Immigration and Europe: Time for tact

05 December 2014
The Economist
Charles Grant of the CER says some Conservatives have been too optimistic about the prospect of treaty change, partly because Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s finance minister, tells them he is in favour—though many other senior figures in Berlin are not.