Von der Leyen: Wettbewerbsfähigkeit ist Top-Priorität

22 July 2024
Sander Tordoir, Chefökonom des Think-Tanks Centre for European Reform (CER), begrüsst von der Leyens Ankündigung zum 28. Regime. Es würde jungen EU-Firmen dabei helfen, „schneller in mehreren Ländern aktiv zu werden und von einer größeren Marktgröße zuprofi tieren - was vor allem in den Bereichen Technologie und digitale Dienstleistungen wichtig ist“, sagte er Table. 
Charles Grant

The Spectator Podcast: Keir Starmer: ‘We want to reset relationships with EU’

18 July 2024
Charles Grant, director of the CER spoke on The Spectator podcast and discussed Keir Starmer’s attempt to reset relations with EU.

Labour wants to build UK trade links with ‘friends in the EU’, business secretary to tell G7

17 July 2024
The Independent
The Centre for European Reform think tank points out that the negotiation is limited in scope, with one EU official saying it is “a review, not a revision, not a renewal or even amendment of any sort”.

After landslide win, UK's Labour wants better relations with EU

17 July 2024
The Parliament Magazine
Any warming of relations will begin with setting a new tone, Luigi Scazzieri, a senior research fellow at the think-tank, Centre for European Reform, said, telling The Parliament that “a lot of it is about mood, and just having good relations and trying to build on that.” ...“It’s a political wound that is still so fresh,” Scazzieri said. “They really didn’t want to touch it.” 

Starmer hopes to reset UK-European relations at summit

17 July 2024
BBC News
Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, said the summit will allow Sir Keir to “hobnob and establish human connections” with European leaders he has never met. It will also give the PM a chance “to set out the direction and scope” of how he wants to reset UK-EU relations.
“Keir Starmer’s personality in itself will do more than people realise,” Mr Grant said.
“He is diligent, sensible, serious, he reads his briefs, he believes in the rule of law and international institutions. The Europeans will like that.”

Keir Starmer’s Brexit reboot

17 July 2024
Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform think-tank, said Starmer must be “modest” and recognize that “Britain has a poor reputation” in Europe.
“They know that you are not Boris Johnson,” he wrote, in an open letter to the new PM. “But you represent a country that, as far as they are concerned, behaved appallingly during the long years of the Brexit negotiations.”

Tett på Trump: - Dårlige nyheter

17 July 2024
Ian Bond mener dersom Trump kommer til makta i USA, vil hans relasjon til Orban være svært negativ for EU. Orban vil være i stand til å hindre EUs enighet i å reagere hvis Trump handler på måter som skader EUs utenrikspolitiske interesser, sier Bond.

FUTURE IS BLUE PODCAST: Europe's post-election economic landscape: key issues and strategic directions

16 July 2024
In this episode of "Future is Blue," host Carlos Urabayen discusses the post-election economic outlook for Europe with Sander Tordoir, Chief Economist at the Centre for European Reform, and Raymond Torres, Director of Funcas Europe. They explore the challenges and opportunities for the new European Commission, focusing on climate transition,...

Radicals v incrementalists: Labour’s new dividing line over Europe

14 July 2024
The Sunday Times
One advantage of a security deal would be that it would provide a permanent forum where the UK can interact with the EU on foreign policy. “We’d be able to take part in structured chit-chat on a regular basis,” said Charles Grant of the Centre for European Reform.

Starmer to host EU leaders’ summit delayed by Sunak

13 July 2024
Financial Times
“It’s a wonderful opportunity for Keir Starmer,” said Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, a UK think-tank. “He’ll have a lot of European leaders in a room. The timing could not have been more fortuitous.” British officials say Starmer will use the Blenheim Palace event to set out his hopes for improved UK-EU relations, even if, as Grant notes, there is a “slight niggling worry that he doesn’t know what he wants to do”.
CER Podcast: Unpacking Europe: What's happening in France and what it means for Europe

CER Podcast: Unpacking Europe: What's happening in France and what it means for Europe

Charles Grant, Sophie Pedder
12 July 2024
Charles Grant and Sophie Pedder discuss the French elections.
Charles Grant

FT podcast - Rachman Review: Britain's role in a changing Europe

11 July 2024
Charles Grant, director of the London-based Centre for European Reform think-tank joins Gideon Rachman on his podcast to discuss how easy will it be for Keir Starmer, Britain’s new prime minister, to reset relations with the EU, and what impact will political disarray in France have on leadership within the bloc? 

Commentary: Labour faces low bar in re-attracting foreign funds

10 July 2024
"A period of calm, predictable and constructive diplomacy would do wonders for the UK's reputation," wrote Charles Grant at the Centre for European Reform in an open letter to Starmer on ways to re-engage with the EU on a host of different levels.

Starmer’s Labour not ‘hung up’ on UK sovereignty, Europeans believe

10 July 2024
“The EU has always wanted close post-Brexit security co-operation with the British,” Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, told iNews. “In these uncertain times, the more that Britain can contribute to European security, the more goodwill that creates among former EU partners.”
CER Podcast: Unpacking Europe: What the Labour landslide means for UK-EU relations

CER Podcast: Unpacking Europe: What the Labour landslide means for UK-EU relations

Charles Grant, Neil Kinnock
10 July 2024
Charles Grant and Neil Kinnock discuss the UK election results.

What does Labour’s win mean for British foreign policy?

09 July 2024
The Economist
The problems will come over issues such as supply chains and energy, which risk brushing up against the single market, says Charles Grant of the Centre for European Reform, a think-tank.

EU’s demand for more under-30s migration would be ‘very like free movement’

08 July 2024
Charles Grant, director of the respected Centre for European Reform, suggested that the Prime Minister may nevertheless have to negotiate on youth mobility to achieve his aim to make trade easier, including by signing a veterinary agreement on food imports and exports.Grant said some in the EU would respond to Starmer’s demands on trade by saying there can be “no cherry picking” of its single market.
Charles Grant

LSM.LV: Kas kopīgs Sunakam un Makronam, un kā labējā Trampa–Orbāna ass var apdraudēt ES? Intervij ar Londonas Eiropas Reformu centra direktoru

06 July 2024
Šonedēļ Eiropas politiskajā kalendārā ir divas parlamenta vēlēšanas – Francijā un Lielbritānijā. Lielbritānijā smagu zaudējumu jau piedzīvojusi 14 gadus pie varas esošā konservatīvo partija, kuras vadītājs un nu jau bijušais premjers Riši Sunaks šīs priekšlaicīgās vēlēšanas izsludināja.
Reino Unido-UE: hacia un alineamiento

Reino Unido-UE: hacia un alineamiento

06 July 2024
La Razon
El próximo gobierno británico necesita una estrategia coherente hacia la UE, que abarque desde el comercio y la regulación hasta la energía, la política exterior y la defensa.
Charles Grant

Voice of America: Внеочередные выборы в британский парламент

05 July 2024
В Великобритании – досрочные выборы в парламент, грозящие полной сменой правительства. Каких последствий ждут эксперты для внутренней и внешней политики Лондона? Charles Grant, director, CER speaks to Voice of America (from 7.27mins).