"Dann sieht man ziemlich dumm aus"

27 June 2014
"Er [Cameron] verstand offenbar nicht, dass sein Ton und seine Drohungen es den anderen EU-Führern viel schwerer gemacht haben, ihn zu unterstützen", meint Simon Tilford vom Londoner Centre for European Reform im Gespräch mit der 'Presse'.

Cameron playing weakened hand after EU Juncker row

26 June 2014
Agence France Presse
"I think cool heads are required all round - Cameron needs to cool down and refrain from further threats, other leaders need to tone down the rhetoric on their side," said Simon Tilford, deputy director at the CER.

Britain's Cameron isolated fighting his corner in search for new EU leader, push for reforms

26 June 2014
Associated Press
"The message to British politicians is that EU member states ...would rather risk pushing Britain out of the EU than cause some temporary problems for Merkel," said Simon Tilford at the CER.

Cameron is not the only leader who should fear a British exit

26 June 2014
Financial Times
The British leader has time to prevent a calamity of his own making. Unless David Cameron changes course, the prime minister’s plans to reform the EU and persuade the British to vote to stay in it seem likely to fail.

David Cameron's anti-Juncker stand

25 June 2014
BBC Radio 4 Today Programme
Charles Grant speaks to the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme on David Cameron's anti-Juncker stand (02:53).

Splendid isolation?

John Springford, Richard Lambert
25 June 2014
Project Syndicate
Membership of the European Union has shackled Britain’s economy to a corpse. The United Kingdom has been bound by swaths of costly red tape to a bunch of moribund economies with no growth prospects. As a result, UK exporters have been held back from the fast-growing markets of the Commonwealth and the developing world.

Putin in Vienna amid diplomatic push to deter sanctions

Rem Korteweg
24 June 2014
Bloomberg Businessweek
"The signing of the OMV-Gazprom deal is part of Russia’s attempt to drive a wedge in the EU’s response to the Ukraine crisis," said Rem Korteweg, a fellow at the CER.

Be shrewd and end this EU feud

Stephen Tindale
24 June 2014
The Sunday Express
The current president of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, leaves office in November. Who should replace him? As always in EU discussions, this had led to arguments about content (which individual?) and about process (who should decide?).

L’industrie allemande lance un cri d’alarme sur le manque d’investissements

Christian Odendahl
23 June 2014
Les Echos
Selon Christian Odendahl, économiste au Centre pour la réforme européenne (CER), la clef réside auprès des municipalités. Selon lui, Wolfgang Schäuble pourrait leur offrir un marchandage.

No 10 refuses to deny David Cameron would recommend EU no vote

23 June 2014
The Guardian
Charles Grant tweeted that Cameron will press for a no vote if EU leaders fail to embrace reform. He tweeted: "10 Downing St is thinking of threatening to recommend a NO vote in referendum to push #EU towards real reform. @CER_EU."

UK could make its way in the world outside EU

Roger Bootle
22 June 2014
The Telegraph
I was pleased that the recent report by the CER was temperate in its language. I support its contention that there is no half-way house that would allow the UK to have its cake and eat it.

Cameron miscalculates in battle to stop Juncker presidency

20 June 2014
Financial Times
Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, said the episode was a salutary lesson for Mr Cameron as he looks to Ms Merkel to help him secure EU reforms. “She has a number of priorities and keeping David Cameron on board is only one of them,” he said.

Csúcsra jár az európai casting

Rem Korteweg
18 June 2014
Nagyon intenzív diplomáciai tevékenységet folytat Nagy-Britannia az elkövetkező tíz napban – jósolta lapunknak Rem Korteweg CER. Korteweg nem hiszi, hogy Matteo Renzi végül szembeszegülne az Európai Parlamenttel (EP)

Europe and Scotland - can't live with them, can't live without them

Jeremy Warner
16 June 2014
The Telegraph
According to modelling by the CER, Britain’s EU membership has boosted its trade in goods with other member states by 55 per cent.

Cameron's 'Stop Juncker' drive seen as lose-lose strategy

Rem Korteweg
16 June 2014
"He [Cameron] has painted himself into a really difficult corner," Rem Korteweg, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform in London, a think-tank, told Reuters.

British exit from the EU a deterrence for R&D investment, warns a new report

Éanna Kelly
12 June 2014
The UK would lose its heft in key manufacturing industries, face heavy research funding shortfalls and risk brain drain were it to leave the European Union, according to a new report.

No shelter for Britain in European halfway houses

Martin Wolf
12 June 2014
Financial Times
The conclusion of the CER's report is stark: all conceivable halfway houses would deliver the lack of influence that comes from being outside the EU with the lack of independence from being inside it. “In” or “out” is the choice: of the two, the first would be vastly better.

Cameron's allies vote to embrace Merkel's political foes

12 June 2014
Financial Times
“The Tories are having to understand that Berlin won’t bail them out when they need help,” said Charles Grant. “The British need to get real on Juncker. They have almost certainly lost the battle and need to start negotiating a good deal.”

Need for UK nuclear stressed by climate campaigners

Stephen Tindale
11 June 2014
The need for nuclear was backed-up by Stephen Tindale, associate fellow at the Centre for European Reform. “I spent 20 years campaigning against nuclear and then realised I was wrong: it’s low carbon. It’s a price worth paying to have a new generation of nuclear in the UK.”

EU membership a 'boon' to UK economy

Benjamin Fox
10 June 2014
EU Observer
Membership of the EU has been a "boon" for the British economy, and leaving the EU “would not be an economic liberation,” according to an expert group. The conclusion is part of a 92-page report published on Monday by the London-based Centre for European Reform.