EU institutions & treaties

L'influence du parlement européen inquiète les Britanniques

22 December 2013
La Croix
"Il n’est pas bon que la Commission européenne soit si impopulaire" Charles Grant, directeur du Centre for European Reform à Londres.

Building a modern European Union: What's wrong and how to fix it

21 November 2013
On Thursday, November 21, 2013, the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) hosted a roundtable discussion with Charles Grant, the founder and director of the Centre for European Reform on the current state of the European Union.

EU needs an overhaul

17 October 2013
European Voice
All across Europe, people are fed up with the European Union. The eurozone's difficulties explain much of the disenchantment.

It's time for European governments to embrace a real reform agenda for the EU

14 October 2013
LSE blog
Hugo Brady writes that rather than attempting to negotiate the re-nationalisation of EU powers to Westminster, he and other European leaders should consider some practical, feasible reforms that the Union can begin to implement immediately.

Video interview on 'How to build a modern European Union'

09 October 2013
Charles Grant discusses his latest CER report which discusses the fact that despite its many achievements, the EU’s institutions and policies are badly in need of an overhaul.

Video interview on 'How to improve legitimacy by involving national parliaments in the EU'

12 June 2013
Charles Grant discusses how part of the answer to improve EU legitimacy is to give national parliamentarians a bigger role in the EU.

How to reduce the EU's democratic deficit

10 June 2013
The Guardian
The European Union has long suffered from a lack of legitimacy, but the euro crisis has worsened the problem. There is no silver bullet that can suddenly make the EU respected, admired or even popular among many Europeans.

The EU's Court of Auditors: Europe's sleeping giant?

28 May 2013
Veteran EU watchers consider the Union's budget as unreformable: a ritualistic doling out of public money into the pockets of farmers, MEP's expense accounts and the salaries of EU officials.

The Brussels backroom deal that will live in infamy

Hugo Brady, Jan Techau
01 April 2013
Carnegie Europe
The decision to establish a third official seat of the European Parliament (EP) in Dresden, quietly announced on Friday afternoon, when most observers and journalists had already left Brussels to head home for Easter, is a classic example of EU horse-trading. It is also epitomises everything that is wrong with Brussels.

Will other EU countries block any attempt by the UK to renegotiate its membership?

24 January 2013
City A.M
David Cameron seems to have made it his mission to frustrate other EU countries. This means his plea for renegotiation will be (largely) rebuffed. What has Cameron done to upset the others?