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Video interview on 'A presence farther east: Can Europe play a strategic role in the Asia-Pacific region?'

Rem Korteweg
25 July 2014
Rem Korteweg discusses his recent policy brief on the Asia-Pacific region.

EU can unite on South Stream, if not sanctions

Rem Korteweg
23 July 2014
The Moscow Times
Strong suspicions of Russian involvement in the tragic shooting down of a Malaysia Airlines aircraft have led EU countries to consider new sanctions against Moscow.

Judy Asks: Should America spy on its allies?

16 July 2014
Carnegie Europe
Every week, a selection of leading experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

A view on Central Europe: Does the V4 have a future?

15 July 2014
Central European Policy Institute
Ian Bond argues that the V4 risks fading into irrelevance unless it can articulate a common position on the Ukraine crisis.

Украинский кризис: взгляд из Лондона

05 March 2014
Voice of America [Russia]
Иан Бонд: «Мы не вправе вторгнуться, например, в Зимбабве, поскольку ее англоязычные жители страдают от нарушений прав человека. Это было бы абсурдно! Но я боюсь, что именно эту странную логику используют в России»

Страны Запада оказывают давление на Россию, чтобы убедить ее уважать суверенитет Украины. В Вашингтоне и европейских...

Video interview on the way ahead for Ukraine

28 February 2014
Video interview with Ian Bond, director for foreign policy at the CER on the way ahead for Ukraine.

Will Assad deliver for Putin?

Rem Korteweg, Judy Dempsey
18 September 2013
Carnegie Europe
Following a Russian initiative, Moscow and Washington have reached an agreement that calls for Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons to be removed or destroyed by mid-2014.

Obama w pułapce - Interview with Ian Bond

01 September 2013
Niepokoi mnie, że na Zachodzie wszyscy koncentrują się na tym, jak przeprowadzić atak na Syrię. Znacznie mniej jest dyskusji o tym, w jaki sposób może na to odpowiedzieć Asad – podkreśla brytyjski ekspert ds. międzynarodowych w rozmowie z Jędrzejem Bieleckim.

As doubts grow about a BAE-EADS merger, could it prove a danger to national interests?

Tomas Valasek, Ben Wallace
19 September 2012
City A.M
The fear that the merger might pose a threat to national security is without foundation. How? Would the German or French bits of the company withhold supplies to the UK armed forces on political grounds?

Prospects for deeper Visegrád defence collaboration

Tomas Valasek
01 August 2012
The May NATO Summit in Chicago ended with a call on member states to spend their money on the right priorities, to seek economies of scale in collaboration and to start specializing instead of duplicating each other's efforts.

Integrating the EU defence market: An easy way to soften the impact of military spending cuts?

Clara Marina O'Donnell
12 July 2012
Institute for Security Studies
As many European countries introduce their biggest defence budget cuts in years, they have been exploring ways to limit the impact on their armed forces.

'One blood and one destiny?' Yemen's relations with the Gulf Co-operation Council

Edward Burke
20 June 2012
London School of Economics & Political Science
For years Yemen has been the poor, neglected relation of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Long-promised aid commitments from the GCC have not materialized because of concerns over Yemeni absorption capacity.

Let Russia show the way on Syria

Edward Burke
11 June 2012
The New York Times
Like him or loathe him over his stance on Syria, Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, is a better diplomat than most. Experience counts, and Lavrov has spent almost three decades at the United Nations. As a former senior Soviet diplomat and Russia’s permanent representative to the Security Council in the...

Batı Türkiye’ye çok yumuşak

11 June 2012
Interview with Charles Grant in Turkish on 'Turkey should focus on working more closely with the EU in specific areas, rather than the accession process.' Please see attachment.

Aliancia nepatrí do múzea

Tomas Valasek
16 May 2012
SME Daily (Slovakia)
Svet bez NATO sa dá predstaviť, ale bola by to chyba. Aj keď teraz je ekonomická kríza väčšou hrozbou ako nedostatok bezpečnosti, nemusí to tak zostať natrvalo.
Nadchádzajúci summit NATO v Chicagu bude jeden z tých dôležitých. Na oficiálnej agende budú záležitosti od Afganistanu po Rusko, ale dominovať budú...

Soccer boycott could kick Ukraine toward reform

Tomas Valasek
11 May 2012
If war is a continuation of politics by other means, then so is soccer. That's why European Union leaders are right to use the"beautiful game" to pressure an ugly regime in Ukraine.

Why closing the Irish embassy in Tehran is a mistake

Edward Burke
24 April 2012
The recent furore over the closure of closure of the Irish Embassy to the Vatican drowned out any discussion over the withdrawal of other embassies, including that in Tehran last month. Almost unnoticed, Iran has been lumped in with Timor Leste as one of two other Irish diplomatic missions that...

The implications of multipolarity for Central Europe’s security

Clara Marina O'Donnell
02 April 2012
Center for European Policy Analysis
For years, Central Europeans have fretted that the United States might withdraw from the European security arena in order to focus on more pressing issues in other parts of the world. Over the last 12 months, these concerns have been exacerbated.

The power balance in Afghanistan

Edward Burke
09 March 2012
The Times
Letter to the editor (The Times)Sir, You say that the situation in Afghanistan is "not chaos" [see leading article 8 March 2012]. This assertion does not ring true.

US disengagement from Europe 'will weaken NATO'

Peter Felstead
09 March 2012
Jane's Defence Weekly
The US disengagement from Europe is permanent, according to a new CER report
The US step-back from Europe, combined with the harsh current economic climate, will force NATO to rein in its ambitions, the report argues
The United States' strategic step-back from bearing the burden of NATO's power projection is...